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FOR SALE: Czech import quality puppies from profes
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V1 Gus vom Shepherdland (VA Groovy) VA1 Wanda von
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son of VA Cyrus Osterberger Land SG72 Sieger show
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The History

Job de la Thudinie born on Aug 08, 1960
USA, BEL'CH Job de la Thudinie
Twany du Mas des Lavandes born on May 07, 1970
Twany du Mas des Lavandes

Sample photo gallery

Katana von Varthof - Dog: Katana von Varthof



Choosing a Male or a Female Dog: What is the Difference

Choosing a Male or a Female Dog: What is the Difference

You may have felt that choosing a breed was the biggest decision you had to make before getting a dog. But now that you have made that choice, you are now faced with a more basic decision: do you want a male dog, or a female?

  • Training Your Dog

    For the health and wellbeing of your dog, training should really not ever be considered an option when owning a dog.  Well trained dogs are more likely to be behaved and listen, be void of behavioral issues, be good in public, and are less likely to bite.  Owners also have a much closer connection with the dog when the time is taken to form a relationship through training.

  • How to Successfully Adopt a Dog from a Rescue

    One of the kindest things any person can do is to adopt an animal from a shelter or humane society. These are animals that desperately need a home and human beings to love and care for them. However, if you have decided to adopt a dog from a rescue situation, you must go in with your eyes wide open.

Recently added pedigrees

Fritzi vom Brexbach

Fritzi vom Brexbach

Inserted:13 minutes ago
Female (2818917) Dachshund
AKB's Northern Light

AKB's Northern Light

Inserted:19 minutes ago
Female (2818916) German Shepherd Dog
Father: Timber Von Regalimage
Mother: Regalimage Aurora Borealis
Created by DARAH BREN


Inserted:25 minutes ago
Male (2818914) Akita
Лакшери Штерн Шарма Эль

Лакшери Штерн Шарма Эль

Inserted:26 minutes ago
Female (2818913) German Shepherd Dog
Father: Эдельвейс Кубани ЭЛВИС
Created by alena shshekota
Heiress Dark Karma Vom Wernerhaus

Heiress Dark Karma Vom Wernerhaus

Inserted:27 minutes ago
Female (2818912) German Shepherd Dog
Father: Cherokee Sorizo
Mother: Flower Od Hradcanskeho Rybnika
Created by Willowhaus

Sample premiums

19:27 05 Dec 2017
United States
Awesome titled (family protection companion) long
K9 Specialists
11:42 10 Nov 2018
United States
Show pups. Imported parents V1 and SG1.

Show pups. Imported parents V1 and SG1.

German Shepherd Dog
Puppies for sale
18:39 12 Nov 2018
United States
TOP MALE FOR SALE SG24 BSZS 2017 !Sold out


German Shepherd Dog
Male for sale
16:57 30 Oct 2018
Handler Aggressive Sable(Czech Import)

Handler Aggressive Sable(Czech Import)

German Shepherd Dog
Male for sale
00:27 15 Nov 2018
United States

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