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by akctrainer on 12 March 2021 - 08:03

With the covid and the lack of trials in Germany, we decided to ship our dog back after she was unable to finish her title there. She was good on the sleeve, willing happy worker, no real obedience or tracking.

We have a plan and am hoping for feedback as to the chance of success.

Our plan is for or girl to fi ish her title here at a usca trial. There's a working cluba few states away that will be having a trial then. We have an excellent trainer here to prepare her.

She's a showline going to a USCA working club and it's the helper's first trial. What are the odds she will pass her IGP1 in 5 months?

Mike D

by Mike D on 12 March 2021 - 08:03

It has nothing to do with the helper or the club.

You said "no real obedience". Does this mean the dog does not yet have a BH?

by akctrainer on 12 March 2021 - 10:03

Correct, no BH yet.

Mike D

by Mike D on 12 March 2021 - 10:03

That's going to be a lot to get done in 5 months.

If the dogs is a great worker and the trainer works her almost every day you might be able to accomplish that.

But to be honest-you probably should shoot for a BH in 5 months and an IGP 1 in a year.

by astrovan2487 on 12 March 2021 - 12:03

Depending on your goals with the dog getting USCA titles might not be a good idea. A USCA title earned after october 2019 is not recognized by the FCI , if you ever wanted to compete at a world level, or outside of USCA at all you would have to re do all of the titles.
With the circumstances given I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect to title the dog in BH and IGP-1 within that timeframe. Possible but extremely unlikely

Q Man

by Q Man on 12 March 2021 - 14:03

I would think everything is predicated on what your plans are...I mean are you wanting titles to breed her...or are you wanting to do other trials...Things depend on not only what your plans are...but also on what the dog is like...I mean what's her temperament and what training does she have...
You must get a BH before going on to a SchH1 or IPO or IGP...whatever it's called today...



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