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Mountain Lion

by Mountain Lion on 16 November 2020 - 11:11

The hospitals get paid more if its a Covid case, and even more if they were on a ventilator. Check this article out.

Mountain Lion

by Mountain Lion on 16 November 2020 - 12:11

Justin Trudeau on the Covid and reset for the new world order.

Better pay attention.

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 16 November 2020 - 13:11

Whatever are you going to try to discredit next, give us a break please!!! Please pay attention, I will not allow you to do to a serious situation like Covid what you have done in your endless Political threads.


by Sunsilver on 17 November 2020 - 02:11

Once again, The Gateway Pundit is a far-right news source, know for pushing conspiracy theories.

OTOH, yes, hospitals ARE paid more for COVID cases and patients that are vented, simply because such patients require much more in the way of care. Due to the virus being so highly contagious, COVID patients are confined to an area that's under positive pressure. Nurses going into the room of a vented COVID patient have to don something similar to a full HAZMAT suit, and need the help of a second nurse to put it on and take it off. While they are in the patient's room, the other nurse is watching to make sure they don't do anything that might accidentally expose them to the virus.

There is NO proof that hospitals are exaggerating the number of COVID patients in order to benefit from this. People who die from COVID often have co-morbidities that helped to cause their death, things like diabetes, or long-term problems with their heart or lungs. However, these did not cause their death - COVID did. The would likely have lived for many more years if they hadn't caught the virus. This has been discussed to death several months ago, when idiots who know nothing about medicine tried to make a big deal about it. One doctor commented "When I fill out a death certificate, it's very rare that there's a single cause for the death, unless someone walked in front of a car."

If anything, I believe COVID numbers are being underestimated, as people who die without being tested for the virus often aren't counted as having died from COVID. The policy varies from state to state, though.

IF you want a dose of cold reality, read this account here - the description of a single shift in the life of a NYC paramedic, last March, when the virus was at its peak:


There's only one patient we've seen so far who I feel wasn't Covid-19 and that's because it was a suicide. Imagine: I was there and my brain felt relief. This person's dead and it's a suicide. I felt relief that it was a regular job.

It is now around 11:00 and I've done about six cardiac arrests.

In normal times, a medic gets two or three in a week, maybe. You can have a busy day sometimes, but never this. Never this.


Not one of the 12 people suspected to have died of Covid-19 on Anthony's shift had been tested for coronavirus. As a result, their deaths were not included in the official coronavirus death toll in New York last Sunday, which stood at 594.


by Sunsilver on 17 November 2020 - 08:11

Re. the 'comorbidities' thing, to give an example: my husband's immediate cause of death was pneumonia, as the result of aspirating food and liquids into his lungs. The aspiration was due to a stroke he had 11 months earlier, which affected his ability to swallow. HOWEVER, he would not have aspirated if the cancer he was suffering from hadn't weakened him to the point where he was too weak to walk or even feed himself. So, the primary cause of death was actually cancer, with aspiration pneumonia listed as a 'contributing cause'. (comorbidity).


by Sunsilver on 23 November 2020 - 18:11

Don't try to tell me the numbers are being fiddled with!! READ THIS!!


That first COVID-19 case back on March 18 was the 106th body the funeral home had taken in this year. By the end of May, the yearly count was 475, more than all the services they’d performed in 2019. From mid-March to the end of May, the funeral home had received 1,370 calls from families requesting services and carried out 369 funerals.


by Hundmutter on 24 November 2020 - 03:11

Loads of sad stories like this from relatives, staff of homes, etc, ever since the virus apppeared. They can't all be making up their losses ! Far too many, to naively believe that 'someone' somewhere is deliberately exagerating the number of deaths, for whatever purpose. Only those who have been fortunate enough not to have experienced the virus, either themselves or in somebody close to them,[yet !], can believe this nonsense. Even Chump went from it being 'fake news' & 'a hoax' to recognising it existed, once he'd caught a dose, even if he is still tacitly supporting this sh1t about the numbers being fiddled with.


by Mindhunt on 24 November 2020 - 19:11

I really get tired of people screaming some giant conspiracy regarding Covid and the numbers.  I am blessed with relatives and friends who are in the field researching, one a molecular geneticist who has studied viruses for 30 years.  This virus is no joke.  It is far more deadly than the flu, and the majority have long term symptoms that are debilitating.  It attacks the blood vessels and the resultant clotting issues are what cause organ failure, lungs to fill up, and people to suffocate, not just because the lungs can't exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide, but because the blood vessels can't carry oxygenated blood to organs and tissues and carry carbon dioxide and other wastes away.  Ventilators are set to a certain PSI based on lung capacity, people are sedated because being on a ventilator HURTS like hell.  If your alveoli fill up with fluid and the vent pressure is not adjusted pretty darn fast, your alveoli will blow, if your alveoli have fluid and it begins to dry up and no one adjusts the pressure, you don't get enough pressure to fill your lungs and slowly suffocate.  So this virus is nothing to make fun of.  Do your part, distance and when you are unable to distance indoors or even outdoors, MASK THE EFF UP.  Stop with the whacky conspiracy theories from Infowars and QAnon....


by Sunsilver on 25 November 2020 - 01:11

From the article I posted above:

As the epidemic grew, the hospital’s morgues turned nightmarish. Many hospitals began bringing in large refrigerated trucks but didn’t have shelving or a system in place at first. Before lighting was installed, Frankie and Jose often used their phones as flashlights to identify bodies in the darkened trailers. Sometimes it took them 20 minutes to locate the right one because the ID tag had ripped off and they’d have to open up a body bag to make a positive identification from the person’s wristband or toe tag. They didn’t know if they could contract COVID-19 from the corpses, so they always wore full PPE.

Out of all the morgues they visited, the one at Brookdale University Hospital was one of the most disturbing. On April 3, Frankie recorded a video inside one of Brookdale’s trailers. A man can be seen lying outside of his body bag. Others appear piled on top of each other. It’s human chaos. “Right as soon as you opened the door, there were just a pile of bodies you had to climb over to get into the truck,” Frankie tells me. “These body bags were very cheap. When you went to move the zipper, the bag just ripped. You saw people’s arms hanging out, legs hanging out. A guy was naked, out of the bag.” They eventually found who they were looking for. She was right in front, underneath one other, face down. Frankie saw a couple footprints on the back of the body bag.

After hearing about the situation at Brookdale, Patrick Kearns spoke to the New York State Funeral Directors Association, which asked the funeral home staff to record what they were seeing. The association says it received similar calls about the city’s makeshift morgues and alerted the governor’s office. “Nobody really thinks of us on the front lines,” Frankie says. “You hear about firefighters, doctors, but you never see, ‘Thank you, funeral directors.’ We’re the last of the first responders.”

Picture showing bodies inside one of the refrigerated trailers used to deal with the morgue overflow. At least this one has shelves!



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