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by stormins on 09 November 2019 - 18:11

I along with many others sent money for a DDR puppy from a breeding that never happened.... multiple "attempts" and excuses...... never did get a puppy from her.

She states on her website ""Dedicated to the preservation of rare pure East/DDR German Shepherds, with special attention to lines with ancestors that have competed at the higher level competitions ""       However you won't see her dogs competing for any working titles.


by Hundmutter on 10 November 2019 - 02:11

Well maybe this is an odd concept, but personally if I wanted to buy a pup I'd only be looking to breeders who had dogs out there competing for their working titles in the first place.

Entwerfer Haus

by Entwerfer Haus on 10 November 2019 - 04:11

Her website is very old and she does not update it. She typically breeds and competes for show, which doesn't mean you can't get a working pup out of one of her dogs, you'd just have to rely on her 'knowledge' and ability to evaluate a litter...which isn't going to happen.

I was in contact with her before (even though I was warned that 'she is not what she represents herself to be'). She reached out several years back regarding a young male I was selling. She had male pups (3 I believe) around 3 months old and wanted to perhaps trade. I looked into her lines, they were reasonably sound, so I started dialogue (I have all the emails, etc.) After about 2 months of all of her excuses (I mean, really, 3 pups and not one of them had both testicles descended?), it became very clear to me that not only were the pups neglected (she was completely disconnected from their care and left in the hands of a 'mentally disabled young person' at least an hour away), but she was not being honest and so, could not be trusted. On top of that, her breeding practices are very subpar considering the above issue.

Everyone should be very careful of these 'big kennel' names that have been around awhile. All that glitters is not gold.

Perhaps people start out with good intentions...

It is always best to be able to see first hand the environment, if possible.

by stormins on 10 November 2019 - 10:11


I have a WGWL  import who will crawl the leash on you, tracks off leash  at  a trot and has a good full bite.   His  grandfather AND great grandfather were BOTH WUSV  hardly what I would call "ancestors",  but I don't advertise that to sell his pups... it's in his pedigree if anyone is interested.

As to your "odd concept",  Judy uses her knowledge of DDR pedigrees she has from some old stud books she was able to buy to "WOW"  newcomers to the DDR  world with her knowledge. She uses that by contacting people directly  as a means to sell her dogs through her self-serving DDR only Fakebook page.  She surrounds herself with select minions who co-own her dogs that participate in her echo chamber.

Lacey Ford, One of her moderators whose  qualifications as a breeder and trainer comes from dispatching towtrucks and installing tires at a tire store, has just anounced an outstanding DDR litter ...... I wonder if this is what she considers outstanding?  Or perhaps this is one of her "CHAMPION of CHAMPIONS" she "competed" in the toy fox terrier  show.


An image


Lacey Ford has just a few DDR dogs some of whom may be co-owned by Judy.  She claims to be a service dog trainer  with a vast knowledge of the ADA and the promulgated rules which she uses to mis-inform the truly disabled.

I have been unable to find any national training certifications from accredited national  service dog organizations like CCI, let alone multiple success stories of dogs in the field she has trained.


I would imagine if you cant do it yourself then it must be impossible for anyone else to do 

Judy Malone: I do not recommend them (GSD)  for PTSD/ESA  

Lacey Ford:  I would not recommend a German Shepherd typically for psychiatric work of any kind


But what would I know? I am just an idiot with multiple State Service and Therapy dog  laws I have writtenon the books , including one named after one of my Shepherds I trained to work with troubled children on a psychological  level.... 




by Hundmutter on 10 November 2019 - 12:11

So having all the above in your 'armoury', you still didn't bother to check her out before you sent her money for a puppy ? I realise you are not a newbie, you have been around here too long - so I still ask: why not ? And then we wonder why those who ARE beginners get caught out ...

by stormins on 10 November 2019 - 13:11


Please get up to speed and follow the timeline :p

Ah but wait ... you just made an observation based on the facts as you see them now without checking everything first which makes me wonder why you can question me for doing the same thing at that particular time.

To answer your question;

I looked for your "Beware of" post first but didn't find it..... then I remembered that I would never see that since you aren't an active purchaser of German Shepherd Dogs and thus would not understand the dynamics and psychology of making purchases with your own money.

But It's ok , you can admit that it is much more fun to sit back and be critical of someone after the fact who is actively trying to improve their lines :-)

by Rik on 10 November 2019 - 15:11

someone got scammed. it's pretty easy to do to people just starting out or lacking experience.

I was dense enough to let it happen more than once.

so, yes, I have learned a little over the years. and I do things different than I did when I did not realize that a glossy ad did not equal a good dog.

the main thing is I really think it is poor form to criticize someone who is looking for help and advice or maybe just wanting to share their experience.


by stormins on 10 November 2019 - 19:11



the main thing is I really think it is poor form to criticize someone who is looking for help and advice or maybe just wanting to share their experience.

You are 300% correct.... It's very easy not to make mistakes and sit back and critique if you aren't in the battle.....however that does nothing but make one think they are being looked up to because they are tap dancing on top of someones head.

You have to understand the pyschologoy of a cult following......they prey on peoples trust and demand unconditional defense of the leaders when you say

 I was dense enough to let it happen more than once. 

 I would disagree .... you were trusting the other party to be honest and forthright in their business dealings.  That does not make you dense,  it makes you a human with a heart who does not want to go through life thinking everyone is a crook until they prove otherwise.



by Hundmutter on 11 November 2019 - 03:11

Either way gents, it seems that at the relevant times neither of you did too much of the 'due diligence' us folk with longer experience of the breed are always urging on new people.

If nobody points this out, how to get the newbies to PAY ATTENTION (and thus save themselves trouble ?) Nothing else seems to work.


Stormins: Do not assume that as I have not bought dogs in my own name since I have been posting on this forum that I have never been party to any purchases by others, or never selected dogs or breeders for other parties to buy.  


by Ashes0529 on 11 November 2019 - 05:11

I have answers to many of the questions and reasons if you’d like to listen.
Pedigrees are very important in the dog world as I’m sure you know genetics show up even many generations down the line, so linebreeding on certain dogs can be good while others can be bad, hence why judy lets people know about what dogs are in the background. I have been to many kennels and breeders homes and I have been to Judy”s place and her dogs are not mistreated in anyway, she doesn’t believe in breeding a dog and pumping puppies out constantly, so she doesn’t always have puppies on the way. So when Judy does do a breeding it’s on one female at a time, not multiple, so if that female doesn’t take she’s out a litter for people wanting or waiting on a puppy and will try again later. Judy is disabled so has handlers out, not just Lacey, also why she has a young man that’s willing to help her with her dogs, he is not mentally disabled. Judy does have dogs being titled in other working venues besides conformation. Judy has been helping set up future ddr breeders by sending them dogs to help get started up with the ddr dogs. Judy had recently lost her email account and had to create a new one and lost her previous emails for puppy people, so if she owes you a puppy that could be a good reason why you haven’t seen said puppy, if you were still interested or waiting I’m sure you would’ve tried to keep in contact and reached back out to her as I’m sure you have fb and saw her post about missing emails.
Lacey had 1 litter before bettering herself and her dogs so the dog posted is irrelevant as she did prove with that litter she had a service dog out of it for her health needs. Lacey no longer works as a tow truck driver and works solely with the dogs, training, titling, and service dog work which has proven itself in many forms, as well as her leather shop which is flourishing.
Judy produces working dogs, which are higher drive than most so not always suited for service dog work, she has produced service dogs though. Just doesn’t recommend them for service work for most people. Lacey has experience with German shepherds in service dog work, plus most people that have a German Shepherd wanting it to be a service dog are usually nervy and not reputably bred for service work. She has a client that has a well bred German Shepherd that is a service dog and he is amazing to watch and excels with the training he has had by his handler and Lacey. If you know Lacey you know her personal service dog is very good at her job as well.


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