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by Prissyzilla on 24 October 2019 - 23:10

Anyone familiar with Berger blanc suisse and breeders in the USA? I've been looking and talking to a breeder, but would like some help looking at the pedigree of the dogs being used. Anyone willing to help me out?

Thanks in advance!


by Hundmutter on 25 October 2019 - 01:10

Depends what you need to know. For a start, have you read the 'White Shepherd' Forum here on PDB ?


by Prissyzilla on 28 October 2019 - 02:10

I have read some, yes :)


by Hundmutter on 28 October 2019 - 03:10

Then I am sure if you ask more specific questions, you might find a US member who has some knowledge of the WSS and its breeding in the States at this time. For instance, if you are interested in a WSS breeder or breeders in a specific State. I expect you have already gathered that this Forum is generally used by the Working side of GSDs more than any other fanciers (and the few Show people who pop up are interested mainly in developments of Standard-correct GSDs, and less so in other peoples' breeds), so you might well do better if you can find a WSS /BBS web forum or Facebook Group actually dedicated to the WSS.


by Prissyzilla on 29 October 2019 - 00:10

Thank you, I have been on this forum for a while, and everyone was helpful, so figured I'd just ask and see if potentially someone was familiar on here :) Ill check others too.


by Hundmutter on 29 October 2019 - 04:10

You still might ... but IMO you are going to have to be a bit more specific (with State / geo. areas, kennel names, or particular dogs), or nobody is likely to answer even if they do have some WSS knowledge. You need to get their attention ! Good luck.

by apple on 29 October 2019 - 08:10

Yet another cluster f**k attempt to produce a variation of a breed that have horrible temperament and are essentially live stuffed pets. Breeding for a single color is a recipe for failure and all about the money.

by Centurian on 29 October 2019 - 11:10

This thread relates to another thread about breeding Blue Malinois .Please understand , this post is not a critism . Also I have had several friends that have had White German Shepherds or whatever you will label them . However , these people that breed the whiotes do not understand. They are not knowledgeable people. In order to keep the white , you must breed absolute white to absolute white . I try not to write posts on ther PDB that go over people's heads .. but that means in genetic terminology Homzygote White to Homozygote White. The resul of this is a significant narrowing of the gene pool for this. This eliminates the genetic variation within a breed that keeps the breed healthy in all encompassing rerspects. In breeding we need a variation : case in point the downfalland detriment of 1-2 genrational breeding. The result of breeding white to white is an inadequate variablity that the breed needs. One rrsult is the losing of the meantity in the white lines. Not all , but the majority of White GS are , SHARP . Sharp , the definition I use [ it can mean soemthing different iif you are USA vs. Europe] , means an abnormal , over-exaggerated response to environmental stimuli . That means the Temperament of the dog is abnormal . We would all agree yes ? , the two most important features about any canine is Health and temperament [ALL those attributes/traits that make temperament ] . Breeding dlogs with Unsound Temperament is a very very serious matter !

I have gound that peoople just want to say what they want to say , do what they want to do .. just because what they say and do , fits theor purpose. But not saying or doing what is correct does not in itself make it the correct thing to say or do . Case in point : look at the American German Shepherd , just look at it structurally and mentally - and people still think that is a great dog .. there is no talking to them , no educating them . And if you try to , all hell breaks loose. They don't even understand what they fail to understand. So it is with those that breed White German Shepherds !

Sometimes one just has to make the point and shake people up in order for them to come to their senses. Believing that something is true does not make it true . The truth is , in the realm of genetics and breeding , the White GS is a disgrace and it is a disgrace for very very valid reasons. Apple sates the case point blank ... and rightly so .

by apple on 29 October 2019 - 11:10





Apparently, the blue Malinois thread was removed.


by Hundmutter on 29 October 2019 - 13:10

If the OP has browsed the White Shepherd forum - and s/he says she has read at least some of it, then that point will have already been well covered.

If all the OP is interested in is the 'new' breed of WSS /BBS as now being bred and shown (irrespective of its origins, about which I fully agree), then let the OP get on with it. And let help with particular kennels be offered, if known. This has proved my point on the Blue Mal thred (which has NOT been taken down, by the way, Apple) that some people around here want to always play dictator; we lost the battle to keep the white GSDs out of the breeding of dogs, except in that the WSS fanciers have had to call it by a different name to get their version recognised. Now let them get on with their dogs, as if they were Poodles or Pekinese. No skin off our backs any more; to disown them now is further to distance them from real GSDs.


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