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by Blksableworkingdogs on 29 August 2019 - 03:08

Hey Mike... I certainly don't think Jan is a bad guy or anything like that, in fact I think he is an honorable guy.
I just think his dogs are so sought after he just deals with who he wants when he wants, he definitely knows what he is doing breeding strong working line dogs !
As for as the other breeder you referred to.... Im glad your experience was good, but Im not wrong about them, not at all. Ive talked to numerous people who have gone through the same EXACT fiasco I did, they have done this to me three times..... sooner or later someone is going to really expose them in a big way.
Yes they do have some good dogs, Im not disputing that, but they are not the only ones who does, if you do enough checking there are some other reputable breeders who produce just as good but with out the non since and drama, like I said Im glad you got a good dog, but I will never even speak with them again.

Mike D

by Mike D on 29 August 2019 - 14:08


I agree with you on Jan. Probably a good guy that just doesn't know me so is not interested in selling me a puppy.


by AlbertaSable on 05 September 2019 - 23:09

I have a Qvido daughter. No missing teeth or gum issues at all. She has tore her one front dew claw and another front claw a separate time. Ugh Not sure how-she is not tied up and isen’t a digger but she is very high energy. I’ve never had a dog do that before but that’s the only health issue I’ve had with her so far. 


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