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by Nans gsd on 22 August 2018 - 23:08

OK: If you had to change kibble what would you choose as your favorite?? Thx in advance Nan

by Nans gsd on 23 August 2018 - 21:08

OK which of the VICTOR formulas do you prefer?? No chicken... Thx Nan

by joanro on 24 August 2018 - 01:08

Nutra pro. It has chicken plus four other meat sources.
Do you have a dog that's allergic to chicken?

by Nans gsd on 24 August 2018 - 01:08

Yes Joanro chicken is NoT good for my Shepherd boy Not sure if he allergic but ears get gooey and all. I liked the formula of Nutra Pro.

by joanro on 24 August 2018 - 02:08

I have an Anatolian that had goopy ears since she came here as a 12 week old. Could not clear it up. At one year old, the vet I had come to the farm to give her rabies shot prescribed ZYMOX Otic enzymatic solution (hydrocortisone 1.0% )....put drops in once a day for ten days. Directions say do not clean the ear first.( Shake well !!)
Amazing stuff! All the gunk went away and the scratching and head shakng gone!
You can buy it on line.


by Hundmutter on 24 August 2018 - 05:08

The bitch I used to have with repeating gunky ear trouble turned out to be allergic - but not to chicken, or any meat in her dog food; it was triggered by dairy foods. Zymox, Surolan etc used to only work short-term. Once I stopped using cheese as training treats (pity, cos she loved it !) and made sure she never got another saucer of milk to drink, (unusually, she wasn't digestively glucose intolerant) her ears were fine ! Have you considered any 'extras' in your boy's intake, Nan ?

by Nans gsd on 24 August 2018 - 17:08

Yes Hund just took out The Honest Kitchen, think there was too much fruit, etc. Need more meat diet...

Thank you Joanro, I do have Zymox but probably wasn't using it as you stated work for you; will start over.

Thank you also Hund.

Am going to review the high meat content that Victor makes. Think it mentioned 95% meat(s). Is that for real do you know?
I try to keep my training treats to kibble, very seldom other goodies but if it is something "SPECIAL" I try to stick to meats although mine love cheese also.

They are just putting so much crap in the kibbles, pea anything needs to be thrown out; legumes (out), no rice or barley needed, the list goes on and on. Just meat would be good with some sort of stabilizer; no sweet potatoes and all that crap. JHC.

Thanks again Nan

by joanro on 24 August 2018 - 18:08

Protien is 90% meat source!


by susie on 24 August 2018 - 19:08

You gave your own answer - feed meat.
You don't need stabilizers, just a freezer.
Why insist on kibbles?

by Jessejones on 24 August 2018 - 19:08

Hi Nan,
I don’t feed my dogs dog-food or kibble normally, because as you say, “all that crap” in it.
But when I travel, or can’t feed the other way -home cooked or raw, I always have a bag of Victor Nutra Pro to fall back on.
Out of all the kibble I’ve tried over the years, I find this one is currently the best one for my dogs.
And, the proof is always in the pudding...ahem....their poops are always nice and firm when on it. Not as nice and small as with raw, but good enough- not as soft and voluminous (and much more smelly) as with most kibble .
There is chicken in it.
As you know, it is sometimes hard to tell what a dog is sensitive to unless one does a strict elimination diet to find the culprit. It can be any one many little things hidden in kibble.
About the ears, cortisone doesn’t clear up anything, just masks it for a while. Are you sure it is yeast? Just a suggestion...The Thornit powder I ordered from England cleared all my dogs ear issues up in a few days, with no recurrence for over a year now. It might be a last resort to try. If you are in the states like me, shipping was pretty fast.

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