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by Jessejones on 13 April 2018 - 20:04

If someone wants a take-away from this meta-physical discussion, maybe it would be something like this...
(And no this is not rocket science but we tend to forget the simple things sometimes)
Dogs are not a whole lot different from people.
Same Instincts same emotions (as I wrote ad nauseum before 😉.)
Yes we have a higher mental capacity for planning, rationalization, past and future ruminating. No doubt.
But, and here it is...
We both, human and dogs, learn many things in the SAME way.
And that common way is though ‘DOING THINGS THAT WORK, AFTER TRIAL AND ERROR.’
And that is all dog training really is.
Not much more or less.
Which is why we need to watch the dog and ourselves every second during training.
It is our job to lead the dog to successful accomplishment of his goal (success defined in this case as ‘his goal’), by showing him what he needs to do for success (what he needs to do = your agenda, what you want dog to do). It can be done completely without words.
Now, someone might have different words to say the same thing I just wrote, or a lot of words or endless how-to videos, but that is the basic premise broken down as I understand dogs.

Add: which is why such discussions are worthwhile. To see dogs fresh again as creatures with flesh and blood and a brain, not so much different than we are. Dogs (gs in specific) are not aliens nor robots, nor mindless, nor unfeeling, and for sure not just “dumb animals”. Which probably no one on this forum thinks anyway....

by Centurian on 14 April 2018 - 11:04

Jesse ....
Exactly .... Well stated .

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