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by HerBazhen on 10 April 2018 - 04:04

Ok...the Vet called at 7:15 .

He Said the amount of damage between the two xrays is not unusual. Puppies grow fast, and it exasperates the hips which were not good in the first place. He said its worse in big dogs. I said, I was hoping he got the xrays mixed up with another dog...He said...My dog was the only one in that morning for xrays. I said...damn the bad luck ! ( I didn't want to make him feel like a clod.)

I asked about supplements, PT, swimming etc... He said he didn't believe any of those things would make anything better. With the amount of damage over the last months, he expected it to worsen. Dravens right leg muscles, are not near as built up as his left.

I asked about only doing 1 hip. He said there are people who have done that when a dog has 1 comfortable hip, and they have done fine. He doesn't believe Draven will be a 1 hip kinda dog. He thinks I should have the FHR within 3 mos. (because of the damage shown over the last months.

I asked about referrals... He said University of Madison Vet school....or Buffalo Grove specialty vet in Ill. That doesn't mean I'll go to either...I need to explore.

Wow so many posts while I was gone.....

OK...just to make things clear... I don't feel blamed for my boys hips....by anyone else but me. No one on earth can kick my ass, as hard as I can kick my own. Actually in this case...its less of an ass kicking...more of a second guessing myself kinda thing.

JonRob... I thank you for looking out for me. There have been many times through this that I just didn't know which way to turn...your words of confidence helped me.

I have gotten well wishes and crossed fingers from about everyone. It all helped me. Before I came here all had was a breeder telling me it wasn't his dogs, it was my fault, and he thinks I switched puppies on him.

I have a belief that there is never only one way to do something. No 2 people do or believe the same exact things. Like I said somewhere before...Different opinions and different experiences are how one learns. I have my own...beside what has been shared in this thread...... I just don't have the real life experience in GSD Hips.

One thing you can bet....I will do the best for Draven that I can. From those xrays It's lookin like new hips. He will be xrayed again....before anything can be done. I need a little time for the $$ and if it be one hip or two...Draven will tell me when the time comes.

Joanro and Jenni... I have read much of what you speak of also...and much makes sense... I believe HD is a combination of many things.... I definitely believe puppies on slick floors isn't good when things are forming.

I love those pics of the pups and the goat...and can see the difference in Drave's littler @ 3 wks...and Joanro's litter. Things like that just make sense to a country hick raising farm animals for most of her life. At the same time...I believe genetics have something to do with it somewhere...

Am I gonna do everything I think is right to fix my dog ? Yeah buddy, and how!
Mr. Handsome needs to hang with me for a long time.

...and I am thankful for each and everyones knowledge here. I get to absorb it all..and I know as I watch ya's bicker back and forth...LOL youre throwing out your best knowledge... I aint no dummy...Im soaking it up.... :-)

by JonRob on 10 April 2018 - 06:04

Thanks for the update.

Most of our dogs with just one THR had two bad hips and all did great. One of them even herded sheep like a maniac. A couple of our dogs needed two THRs.

All you can do is put in one THR and see how he does.

The sooner the better, given how quickly his hips are going down the toilet. The more damaged they become, the more difficult and expensive the THR surgery will be and the greater the risk of complications.

"I asked about referrals... He said University of Madison Vet school....or Buffalo Grove specialty vet in Ill."

We don't know how good Madison is for THRs.

We do not recommend Buffalo Grove, which did a THR in one of our dogs. The aftercare was horrible, with our dog in severe pain and puking his guts out. They could not have cared less and refused to treat his pain, nausea, and vomiting. They also put the THR stem in so crooked that it broke his leg after two years. He had to have everything ripped out, and the damage was so bad that another THR was impossible. He was stuck with an FHO. It was the only THR failure we've ever had. Also, they are insanely expensive--you would faint when you got the bill. They have a waiting room that makes the Taj Mahal look like a Motel 6 and you're paying for it.

Your best bet might be the Ohio State vet school. They do more THRs than anyplace else. One of the vets there--a guy named Dyce--totally specializes in THRs. It would be a bit of a trip but maybe doable for you.

Here's the answer to one of your questions from the Ohio State website:

"Four out of five dogs or 80% of the patients with arthritis in both hips only require one side be operated upon to return them to a satisfactory and comfortable life. The decision on which hip to replace is based on the owner's observations, the physical examination findings and the hip x-rays. Your knowledge of your pet's disability is important in making this decision."

Lots of very useful THR info at the Ohio State website:


We did not have any THRs done there, so no personal experience to report.


by HerBazhen on 10 April 2018 - 14:04

Wow JonRob...Thanks for the info on Buffalo Grove.

I was so wiped out last night that I only gave them a cursory look. My impression was that they were very high end...and by nature I am suspicious of that. I planned on looking deeper today...but I reckon I got some first hand knowledge.

I will also be looking into Madison. It is within 1 1/2 hours from me. I'm not real worried about the distance for me, I would go anywhere... But I think of after care, and if there are complications. I know there is also a aquatic PT place there.

I have checked out Ohio...I'm drawn to it....but it is a long drive for Draven after major surgery. There is also my concern about after care. I'm still puzzling that out. There are ways... I just have to find em !

I think I might start a new thread, for more input. Maybe someone has had some experience with THR in Wisconsin. Closer would be my preference...but I won't give up skill for it.

Yep...Dr. Schmidt said the same as you, about doing one hip. Draven would tell us what was best.

Again... I thanks for your advice and care !

by joanro on 10 April 2018 - 14:04

Here"s my comment on genetics playing a roll, because they do...it all about selection of breeding dogs.

Structure is where genetics play a major roll. Think of the racing greyhound with zero HD. Now think of the Neapolitan Mastiff with 100% HD. 

Loose skin, loose ligaments, large flat feet, lack of muscle, heavy bone, proportionately large head = loose hips ( loose ligaments) + poor environment from birth onward = HD

Dry no fat in skin, well developed cut muscling, tight feet, tight ligaments, light bone, relatively small head + sound environment for birth onward = sound hips


by HerBazhen on 10 April 2018 - 15:04

All of that appeals to my critter common sense Joanro...

by JonRob on 10 April 2018 - 17:04

"I have checked out Ohio...I'm drawn to it....but it is a long drive for Draven after major surgery. There is also my concern about after care. "

If all goes well, the aftercare is straightforward. He will not need any PT afterward that you can't do yourself, which will save you a lot of money. As for the long trip after surgery, he's going to be crated most of the time anyway for a month after surgery, so it makes no difference if he's crated in the car for a trip.

Study after study has shown that the most important factor in successful surgery is the experience of the surgeon and the institution with the surgery. The greater the experience, the better the chance of success.

I just don't know how much experience the Madison surgeons have with THRs. For sure it will be less than Ohio State but I don't know how much this would matter.


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