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by GSDguy08 on 05 September 2017 - 20:09

Sorry guys, I didn't get a picture. Last night when I got home, I walked the oldest dog first, and then I got back and walked them both together and did some training. By that point it was too dark outside, and my lighting inside isn't the best for when it comes to detailed pictures for some reason. Vet appointment will actually be Thursday now as well. I thought they had scheduled me for today, but apparently not.

Lunastar my dogs live in the house and I hadn't been seeing many flies outside when he first got this. It wasn't a "bald spot" until I used the spray the vet gave me before. After using that, then the hair that was left on that spot went away. The only part in the yard that has had fly issues though is where I put fresh soil down. I literally put that soil down a few days before I brought the puppy home. So maybe that's a possibility? I have noticed at certain times that soil is fly city. Literally, walk through it and watch what looks like a million flies start flying off of it. Not to mention, his typical puppy self occasionally would romp around on the fresh soil and fall over on it. I typically try to keep him off of t hat soil though.

by GSDguy08 on 05 September 2017 - 20:09

Hundmutter, they made it out like it was a big deal to test for it. I personally wasn't familiar with it so I had listened to their advice. I'm really beginning to wonder after your and Lunastar's comments if it was from an insect bite or flies or something.


by dragonfry on 05 September 2017 - 20:09

Blue star ointment will cure that. It's an antifungal and it treats ringworm very well.
Also not all ringworm fungus florsene under a black-light. Which makes testing for it a two part test. Blacklight first and if not sure the jello test. (Grow the fungus in sterile agar jelly.)
Sucks but it often seen in puppies.

by Hundmutter on 05 September 2017 - 21:09

If you have imported fresh dirt and seen a lot of flies where you laid it down, odds are there were fly eggs imported with it and they subsequently hatched. (Possible even with sterile garden compost, if the bag was open.) If the pup was then playing on that patch, even briefly, could well have been bitten. Even if not outside very long, or there are not many other flies about at present.

See what the vet says on Thursday but it may just be one of those 'wait & see' things for a few days !

Re the Ringworm test, as 'Fry says, they might have to cultivate a plate to see if it grows - but while that unlike the Woods Lamp isn't instantaneous for results, I really don't see why it would be particularly expensive.

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