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by aaykay on 12 August 2017 - 11:08

If I recall correctly, Klodo vom Boxberg was the Czech Sieger in 1923, 2 years before he was chosen as the German Sieger in 1925. Klodo radically altered the direction of the breed's development in Germany at the time. The Czech GSD history is a very long one.

During the post-2nd World War years, some of the harder/tougher East German GSD studs/dams (remember not all East German or DDR shepherd lines were worthy of being utilized, to complement the old-style Czech GSDs or were able to add the characteristics that the Czechs considered desirable) were introduced into the Czech line GSDs, which added genetic diversity and introduced additional desired traits into the "root blood" Czech GSDs. They were mainly used by various police and army units.

Of course over the recent decade or two, quite a bit of west German working blood has also made its way into the Czech GSDs, not all of it would be considered "good" by the Czech GSD purists.  The intent in this recent introduction being mainly focused on developing sport-dogs, while the traditional Czech GSD traits had a different focus.  You can still find the "root blood" Czech GSD lines today, maintained by old-timers, but those breeders certainly don't have an internet presence.

Bottomline, the mali claim is ludicrous and utter BS. The claim has malice (tinged with the greenness of envy) behind it, IMHO.


by cage on 12 August 2017 - 11:08

It´s just rumours.
1. I have seen a lot of GSD/mali crosses and it´s quite easy to tell a a purebred GSD from a cross. No serious breeder would risk being banned from breeding. You can breed a GSD/mali litter in Czech republic or Slovakia but no pup from such a breeding would get a pedigree.
2. First malinois was imported to Czech republic in 1988. At that time it was something "exotic" and GSD breeders were quite sceptic about malis, they wouldn´t want to own a mali not even thinking about crossing their GSDs with a mali.


by marsiii on 12 August 2017 - 12:08

if the subject line said the Dutch was Xssed with the GSD, i would have believe so but a Mali? hmmm the true Mali head differs much from the GSD since the Belgian Shepherds (Tervs, Mals and Groenens) head is shaped more like the "Shitland Collies". :)


by marsiii on 12 August 2017 - 12:08

An imagei think, what really happened was the intent to make Malis and Dutchies look like GSDs. :)


by marsiii on 12 August 2017 - 12:08

An imagei already am being amazed with the way the Mals and Dutches head changed. Much different from the original ones that look like collies. 


by BlackMalinois on 12 August 2017 - 12:08


In Holland for sure some pedigreed GSD are crossed with malinois that was before the DNA
obligation and that happened not so many years ago for sure some Czech breeders will used some
KNPV its not so difficult to explain this , but it don,t be used in large numbers....

Same happened with some FCI malinois and Dutch shepherds they are crossed with X  dutch  shepherds and malinois from Holland and Belgium some years ago...

In KNPV today you will not see this anymore with FCI GSD/Malinois/Dutch Shepherds  because all  of that DNA obligation

The influence from GSD today in X malinois/Dutch Shepherd is very very small because
GSD add nothing to improve,,KNPV  breeders don,t went all that bad GSD health genes in their breed
Hips,ellbow,back etc . The working standard today from most X malinois/dutch shepherd is higher
also than FCI why cross with a GSD ?



by srfwheat on 12 August 2017 - 22:08

And I'd heard it was wolves that were "secretly" bred to the border patrol dogs to make them tougher. LOL

by Jenni78 on 13 August 2017 - 02:08

Sfrwheat, that actually happened and was documented. Bojar Schotterhof was bred to several wolves, if memory serves (don't quote me on that!). The program was abandoned because it didn't bring the desired temperament.

by aaykay on 13 August 2017 - 14:08

Actually, some GSDs (including the above mentioned Bojar Schotterhof) were bred to Carpathian wolves, leading to the formation of a new breed called the Czechoslovakian wolfdog. The hybrids were no longer considered GSD. On recent DNA analysis of the new breed, it was found to be 3/4th GSD, and 1/4th wolf.

by duke1965 on 13 August 2017 - 15:08

what a load of crap is written in this topic, really

will give one hint

old czech lines are dark coloured, heavy boned, low preydrive, big headed dogs, like , about everything a malinois is not

do the maths


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