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Daughter from IPO3 SG4 (BSZS 2015) Freddi von Modi
Female for sale

Pregnant female export from Europe
Female for sale

Direct Import from BSZS V22! World Class!
Puppies for sale

by Bavarian Wagon on 10 January 2017 - 14:01

A breeder without a kennel name or a history of producing solid working dogs will go to the big stud dogs in order to sell puppies. Those with established names and proven success with a solid mother line or even a really nice proven female can go to almost any stud and sell puppies, most don’t have that though so they rely on the big stud to sell their puppies. Most times big studs are also big because of the training/placements they’ve received and they’re there because of the trainer who only got the dog because the dog’s pedigree is filled with successful dogs. Depending on where in the world you are, smaller name studs, or those good dogs at clubs, just don’t have the visibility and aren’t known enough for breeders outside their area to know who they are and choose to breed to them. But…in the US at least, the majority of people do end up breeding to their local “club” dog or maybe their big regional dog. Some will go a distance to breed to the bigger name stud…but most stay local because they know their market and it really doesn’t matter who they breed to.

Lol…people in the business. I love internet reputations. All you need to do is make it sound like you’re still “in the business” and someone thinks the world of you. It just actually stems more from the fact that when someone’s thought process and opinions line up more with yours, you’ll gravitate towards them and believe whatever you need to in order to make others think your “side” is the stronger one. More and more we throw objective facts out the window.

by susie on 10 January 2017 - 19:01

I know we are far off topic by now, but we talked about IPO, and we talked about KNPV.

There is a really more than interesting sequence of videos about one dog - Arrak´s Home Idefix - maybe the best video taped training from puppy to adult dog. I guess the former owner doesn´t mind - I really admire his training, handling, and decoy skills.


You will need some time to go through all the vids, but I promise, it´s worth the time, will make you think twice about training.

Off topic: I love the little girl, she is able to become a great handler.

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