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by Videx on 16 July 2012 - 13:07

Posted on the SV website:
To the participants of the SV-Bundessieger-Zuchtschau 2012 in Ulm   Dear Ladies and Gentleman, Today I would like to draw your attention to the fact, that the officiating judges of the SV-Bundessieger-Zuchtschau will consider it necessary that the presented dogs should be shown at least three times (more often if possible) to different conformation judges during the actual show-season before the SV-Bundessieger-Zuchtschau.    Dogs which are expected to be granted a higher ranking should fulfill this criteria anyway! Regarding the classes for younger dogs also the presentation in the intermediate classes counts. In addition we want to point out that it is very helpful for the judges to come to a decision when a dog, which comes to be into question for a higher placing, has at least two other show ratings. The judges then have a better impression of the quality of the stud dogs.   As to choose at which show the dog will be presented please do not consider tactical entries and participations as means of choice. Being among the first third in a class with more participants of higher quality counts as much as a “tactical” first or second place in a class with a small number of shown dogs.    With my best wishes for your success! Reinhardt Meyer Vereinszuchtwart

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