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by Laris on 03 November 2006 - 16:11

What is the typical duration for the next heat after birth, would it be: a) 6 months from the date of last whelp; or b) 6 months from the date of last heat; or c) 6 months from the date when the puppies have been weaned; or d) whatever Thanks.

by Janette on 03 November 2006 - 16:11

I find it to be (b). Although heat cycles can be light after they had a litter. And are always subject to change!

by vomlandholz on 03 November 2006 - 17:11

I find b give or take a few weeks.

by SGBH on 03 November 2006 - 17:11

If a female is healthy she usually comes in heat every 26 weeks give or take(depending on the female), whether she had puppies or not, during her last heat cycle. So I would agree with (b). Stephen

by bobby999 on 03 November 2006 - 21:11

I would say B as this has always been case in my female

by Grum_Majestat on 03 November 2006 - 22:11

I have had females do 6 month from last heat and 6 months from whelp date. Guess depends on bitch

by EchoMeadows on 04 November 2006 - 01:11

I have to agree typically B, although we have one female who cycles on 4 months, this means every 4 months, weather or not she has had a litter, just after weaning the last litter she was right back into heat, with in a couple weeks. so she stayed her course of 4 month cycle. But most bitches are on 6 month cycle and I have found B to be true in most cases.

by Wok on 04 November 2006 - 02:11

Is it normal for a bitch to be in heat again after only 3 months since her last heat? By the way, I bred her in her last heat but was not pregnant. Thanks.

by EDD in Afgan on 04 November 2006 - 04:11

Most of my females run at 6 months, have 1 at every 8 months, don't worry about this as she had a litter of 10. Have another female that runs about 4 months. Don't worry about this one as she has had 2 litters. If you have one that runs at 3 months and has not been bred sucessfully you may want to get this checked out. Had one like this that could only get pregnant on odd number heat cycles, as she got older she started staying in heat longer, Vet said it was a hormone imbalance, and ended up getting an infection on one heat, something about being that the opening was open for too long and suspect to bacteria. We eneded up fixing her. Mike

by Laris on 04 November 2006 - 05:11

Thanks, seem like most agreed on "b", I will know it in a few weeks time and will let you know the outcome. Hoping to mate one of them to Whisky Bierstadter Hof and the other to Yak Frankengold.

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