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by Yorkie Yakker on 13 September 2010 - 19:09

Don't be duped by "breeders" selling "rare colored" Yorkshire Terriers or any other breed. This is nothing but a sales pitch to get more money for sub-standard and non-standard "designer" puppies. These "rare colored" Yorkies are bred for ONE TRAIT ONLY: COLOR! You will not see these "rare" puppies being offered for sale by any responsible hobby or exhibitor breeder. These "rare" colors are mostly offered for sale by the puppy mills and back yard breeders who's sole agenda is to make money. These "rare colored Yorkis" are more than likely a mix breed as the Yorkshire Terrier does not carry the color white. The parti/piebald, chocolate, white, black and blond/gold genes were added years before A.K.C. Mandatory D.N.A. requirements by mixing Yorkis with another toy dog that carried those genes. Possibly a Papillon, Pomerainian, Shih-Tzu, Chihuahua, Maltese, Toy Fox Terrier or Rat Terrier was bred in..It is believed that there was an "oops" breeding in that kennel introducing the parti gene into the Yorkie gene pool. Fast forward 20+ years of breeding back and forth to standard Yorkis and you have your parti colored Yorki.
As you can see by the history of the Yorkshire Terrier, none of these parti colored dogs were used when developing the breed, not even the Maltese.(who wants to breed in white hair of incorrect texture when developing a blue/tan silky dog??) And you can also see that the "rare colored Yorkis" don't even come close, conformationally, to a true, well bred Yorkshire Terrier.( Ever notice that most chocolate Yorkis look like Chihuahuas?) Most breeders that breed only for the "rare" colors are only interested in color to the exclusion of everything else, including health problems and soundness in the breed. When they see "color", they see dollar signs only, Breeding only for the parti color can be risky because doubling up on the parti gene can result in blindness and bilateral or unilateral deafness, the latter which can ONLY be diagnosed by a Baer test. Ask any parti breeder for proof of a Baer test done on all of their parti dogs or puppies for sale. It is very doubtful any of these "breeders" can show you any test results. In fact, it has only been recently that the "parti breeders" even added a paragraph about parti gene deafness on their web site. And that only happened AFTER it was brought to their attention via a chat forum, by concerned reputable breeders.(5/2009) The "parti breeders" deny any health problems regarding deafness in their dogs.(Funny how ALL the other breeder sites that breed parti/piebald dogs have parti health problem occurrences information written on their sites, such as the Bulldog, Papillons, Great Dane, Boxers, Aussies, etc)
*T-Cups, Apple Head, Pocket Puppies,Micro Mini, Thimble Size or Baby Doll Faced Yorkies are also another sales pitch by unethical breeders only interested in money. These non-standard "Yorkies" have many health problems as, again, they are only bred for ONE TRAIT ONLY and for one reason only. Epilepsy, seizures, breathing problems, open fontanel and horrible patella problems are just a few related health problems. Many are always sick and have short life spans. Let alone normal eating issues.
*There are also plenty of unethical "breeders" of standard colored Yorkis out there. Most of these "back yard breeders" have no interest in the breed except to make a few extra bucks. These "breeders", by far, have done the most damage to the Yorkshire Terrier breed. Over size, under size, huge floppy ears, long terrier faces, incorrect soft coats, incorrect colors, bad top lines are what you can expect to buy from back yard breeders and pet stores. Almost none of them are aware nor do they care about the health problems specific to the Yor

by Yorkie Yakker on 13 September 2010 - 19:09

Unfortunately, its a "dog eat dog" world out there. Please do your research and find a reputable breeder of Yorkshire Terriers. Most puppies from reputable show/hobby breeders are much less costly up front and in the long run. Reputable breeders care about their puppies and care who they sell them too. Waiting lists are common, but a quality puppy that is backed by the breeder is well worth the wait!! is a great place to start looking for your puppy.
Be alert for scams from Nigeria or "Christians that moved to go to Africa", military people being deployed over seas and many others!! One example is that they claim that they have a T-cup/female Yorkie and only want the cost of shipping for the dog. This is a SCAM!!! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
With the invention of the internet, scams and poor quality Yorkies (and any other breed)is out of control. The internet makes for cheap advertising, beautiful and mis-leading web-sites complete with stolen show pictures, and a way for a seller to ship puppies without the buyer ever having to see the type of kennel the puppy came from.


Has the Yorkshire Terrier breed gone the way of the Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Poodle, Labrador Retriever and American Cocker Spaniel? All of these breeds have cropped up with parti, merle, silver or other non-standard colors around the same time that "designer breeds" and "alphabet soup registries" were formed.. Most of these non-standard colors were found to be in back yard breeder, puppy mill, and unethical breeder kennels only, many after the loss of A.K.C. breeding rights. The introduction of these non-standard color genes is as easy as pie, so to speak. Introduce these colours by mixing breeds that normally carry these genes and breed it to an A.K.C. Yorki and, Shazam!, you have introduced the parti gene. Ta Da!!! It's easy to fool A.K.C. so register the parti carrier offspring as full A.K.C Yorkie pups. Keep breeding back and forth, parti mutt to A.K.C. registered Yorki, and you will eventually have a parti colored "Yorki mutt" that is A.K.C. registered and that looks very close to the real thing! The only thing to remember is that you don't use the stud dog enough that he requires mandatory D.N.A. testing by A.K.C.

The AKC should insist on testing ALL their dogs EVERY mating to Sire & Dam, as absolute proof that it is a Yorki to stop scams where breeders are adding a Biewer into their mix.It is a Great money making venture, dont you think? For all these parti breeders. Just look at the "parti yorki" and look at the prices!! CAN WE SAY CHA-CHING!!!!! These "breeders" claim that these parti Yorkis are 100% Yorkshire Terrier and that most Yorki carry the parti gene, including the top breeder lines. If that is correct, according to the parti breeders, then why are there no parti colored Silky Terriers since the Yorki is one of the breeds used to develop the Silky Terrier?? Where are all the parti colored Yorki in France, Italy, Ireland, England, Scotland, Australia, Mexico, Spain, etc. The American Parti breeders just will not admit that their parti Yorkis are nothing more than a mix that got their start way before A.K.C. mandatory D.N.A. testing was available.(pre 1990) The parti breeders #1 goal is to make the YTCA (Yorkshire Terrier Club of America) change the standard of the breed to include "rare" colors in order to be shown at A.K.C. conformation shows. Their "ace in the hole" is their parti carrier dogs(dogs that carry the parti gene but do not display the parti color, they are normal colored yorkis). They intend to deceive the public and show these parti carrier dogs in A.K.C. Shows as normal Yorkis. They then may gain access to better quality dogs to br

by Yorkie Yakker on 13 September 2010 - 19:09

To: AKC Judges, AKC Judging Operations
From: The Yorkshire Terrier Club of America Board of Directors
Date: September 26, 2007
Subject: Clarification of the Yorkshire Terrier Disqualification to be initiated on Oct. 1, 2007.

The Disqualification reads as follows:
Any solid color or combination of colors other than blue and tan as described above.(in the Standard)
Any white markings other than a small white spot on the fore-chest that does not exceed 1 inch at its longest


The new Disqualification is an ADDITION to the Yorkshire Terrier Breed Standard. It is there to Disqualify

Yorkshire Terriers with colors OTHER THAN those as described in our BREED STANDARD. The A.K.C.

is registering parti colors, solid colors and chocolate and tan dogs as Yorkshire Terriers even though they

do not meet our Breed Standard as written. A.K.C. will not deny registration on color alone. These dogs

have been shown at A.K.C. matches and non-A.K.C. events. Immature dogs not having totally clear tan or

immature dogs that are not yet totally blue are acceptable under our Breed Standard and

should NOT be Disqualified. To do so would be a mis-interpretation of the Disqualification AND of the Breed


The Yorkshire Terrier whose coat is of prime importance has a slow metamorphosis from the black and tan

puppy to the blue and tan adult. Some of these dogs take three or more years for their coat to mature;

therefore our Y.T.C.A. members chose NOT to specify an age for colour maturity. Only dogs of solid color,

unusual combinations of colors and parti colors should be DISQUALIFIED.

* Solid color dogs such as a solid colour gold or solid color chocolate.(including Gold Dust Yorkies)
* A chocolate and tan dog or other unusual combinations of colors.
* A white dog with black and tan markings (parti or tri color).

Do Not Disqualify
* Puppies, Class dogs and young Champions whose tan has not yet totally cleared. This is typically seen

around the head area where thumb prints may exist. Young puppies may still have an intermingling of

black hair in the tan.
* Puppies and young adults whose black body coat has not yet totally turned to blue.
* A dog that has a small white spot not to exceed 1 inch on the fore-chest.

In a nutshell, breeding for one trait is irresponsible breeding!
Producing puppies only to fulfil a market is irresponsible breeding!
Breeding outside the breed standard is irresponsible breeding!
Shaping or changing the breed standard to "fit the dog" is unethical and irresponsible!
Purposely deceiving the public, dog fanciers, breeders and exhibitors in the name of clout,

bragging rights and monetary gain is unethical and irresponsible!

by Yorkie Yakker on 16 September 2010 - 10:09

Here is what is wrong with the above statement by the President of the Parti Yorkshire Terrier Club, this club is not recognised by the parent club, the Yorkshire Terrier Club America as a breed club for the Yorkshire Terrier. Nikko's Rolls Royce Ashley did not win at Crufts in England.
The Streamglen Kennels in England were champion Yorkshire Terrier breeders, and their dogs won consistently at shows and Crufts, Streamglen Shaun was a Blue & Tan dog as was Streamglen Richard who won chapionship titles in Germany for Mr Biewer. They did not have Parti colored dogs. The United Kingdom as in Germany, Canada do not recognise the Parti Yorkshire as a pure bred. The American Kennel Club are a Regisrtry ONLY and have no breed knowledge of a dog, ANY dog.
Mr Biewers dogs did NOT just come from the Streamglen Kennels, he had German registered dogs also, and bred Shih-Tzu' also around the time of this White and Black dogs with a Yorkshire head, which became known as a Biewer a la Pom Pon. The German Kennel club would NOT register his dogs because they also did NOT believe they were a true pedigreed dog.
Breeders who continue to breed outside the standard such as the Parti Yorkshire Terrier, are breeding solely for the money, as the American Kennel Club take their registrations for their dogs, but the breed Club do not allow them to be shown. The Parti Yorkshire Terrier Club also have members who breed Biewers from Germany and Yorkshire and they breed the Biewer colors into their Parti dogs, and deceiptfully register them with the American Kennel Club. They are breeding the color of the Biewer into their parti dogs. A Yorkshire Terrier does not have a piebald gene, if they had this gene, the dogs would of been White from early years in the original country and be shown as such, the Yorkshire Terrier was first seen in Yorkshire England and comes from a Tan and Blue dog mating. They do not have any Parti (white dogs) Yorkshire Terriers in that Country. The person who states Tri from Joan Gordon book, is twisting the writers words, as a Tri is NOT a parti dog as seen today in America. A Tri was a color Black,Blue & Tan and NOT a White dog with Tan ears and a Black patch on its back, as these incorrectly cross bred Parti Yorkshire dogs are.
Buyer beware is correct, and unscrupulous breeders of the Parti Yorkshire are those breeders, do not pay any more for a Parti Yorkshire as they are NOT rare, they are a cross bred dog, which has managed to get onto an aleady corrupt registry the American Kennel Club.

by Yorkie Yakker on 16 September 2010 - 10:09

RE: Parti colored yorkie - terbear86 - 07-04-2009 12:31 AM

Please no bashing! AKC does except these colors, BUT only with pics and DNA. So there are AKC papered colored Yorkies, and registered as what their color appears. I have done my research, and I do LOVE my breed! So again.. I am more than willing to share every thing I know, just don't bash.
I have Parti colored Yorkies, I like the brewers (sp) too, and have one of them as well, they are as said previously posted just two Yorkies in Germany that had the white genetics, and from there the color was bred in to the dog to get what Mr breiwer wanted as his "dream".

by Yorkie Yakker on 16 September 2010 - 10:09

YTCA Parti-Color Yorkshire Terriers?

Do not be fooled into buying one of these dogs.
Now that Designer Dogs are the rage, the “new” Parti-Color Yorkie is certain to draw attention. While we have had problems in the past with “rare gold” Yorkshire Terriers being advertised, the parti-color is a new one! While some breeds have an occasional mismark and some breeds do have a gene for a white dog, we do not. Had there been a problem with white markings, piebald dogs, or white dogs, it would have been addressed in our Standard. Due to unscrupulous breeders advertising parti-colored Yorkshire Terriers at premium prices, our members voted unanimously at our annual meeting to add a disqualification for these and other off colored dogs.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a tan dog with a blue saddle. The “rare gold” Yorkie is actually a dog that appears as such due to an improper saddle pattern. Show breeders have seen this and commonly call it running gold. When the dog is cut down, you can see that the blue saddle does not come down far enough. The Yorkshire Terrier blue saddle extends lower than some of the other black and tan terriers extending to the elbow and also to the hock on the rear leg. Gold hairs can occur in the blue and black or blue hairs can appear in the gold. These faults are addressed in the Yorkshire Terrier Standard. These dogs have serious faults and they too should not be sold as "rare" but placed in loving homes as they are very incorrect. Yorkies do not have white markings…never have. A small white strip is sometimes seen on the chest of newborns but this always turns to tan within a few weeks. The AKC registration form for Yorkshire Terriers allows for four choices: blue and tan, blue and gold, black and tan, black and gold. There is no provision for markings.

A brief history of the development of the Yorkshire Terrier will show that the dog was developed in the 1800’s. In England, the Waterside Terrier was often crossed with the old English terrier, a silky coated black and tan or blue and tan terrier weighing around five pounds. When crafters from Scotland came into England, they brought several “Scotch“terriers, among them the Paisley and the Clydesdale. The Paisley was a small silky coated dog in various shades of blue. The Clydesdale was a blue and tan dog with the exact color pattern as the Yorkie of today. All of these original breeds were grizzle, tan, blue, blue and tan, or black and tan. No white dog or dogs with white markings were involved in the process of developing the breed. The first Yorkshire Terriers were entered at shows as Broken Haired Scotch and Yorkshire Terriers. In the early days, dog classes were often divided by size, under five pounds and over five pounds; however, there was never a class for colors other than the blue and tan we see today. The color pattern and coat texture has bred true and has been dominate enough that the Silky Terrier evolved by crossing the Yorkshire Terrier and the Australian Terrier with basically the same coat of the of the Yorkie.

by Yorkie Yakker on 16 September 2010 - 10:09

by Yorkie Yakker on 16 September 2010 - 10:09

The above picture is Mr Biewer holding a white and black eared shih tzu that he bred into his yorkshire's to get his colors of a white dog.

by Yorkie Yakker on 16 September 2010 - 11:09

Existing Pedigree Fraud and Stud Book corruption made even worse by the American Kennel Club according the Kuvasz Case by breeder, Darla Lofranco. (link to Bulldog, Mastiff, Samoyed pedigree frauds at end of page)
You may not be interested in Kuvasz but you need to know how the AKC Stud Book, the bible of purebred dogs, is so easily and frequently wrong! One of North America’s top Kuvasz breeders says AKC’s most recent action affects the show ring as well as Kuvasz pedigrees in two countries. Her letter to the AKC attorney states:
“Lofranco TNT Trevor Nordland CKC UN653359 and Lofranco's Tank-You Nordland CKC UN641655 are littermates bred by Frank and Darla Lofranco in Canada. Trevor was ineligible for AKC registration as an import based on his CKC certificate UN653359 showing an address (Halton Hills, Ont) in Canada. When I pointed this out, AKC agreed there were no CKC export papers to support their records and therefore cancelled Trevor's illegal foreign registration in November 2005. But incredibly, AKC faxed a copy of the current records for WG195801 dated November 9, 2005 confirming that the dog imported by Karen and Henry Nichols of Nichols, WA was instead, the littermate Lofranco's Tank-You Nordland. I was not listed as the owner on AKC records dated November 9, 2005.

“In March I received a letter alleging that I had requested a name change from “Trevor” to “Tank” in November 2005 (which AKC granted) but the action was reversed. AKC said Tank's name was now changed to Trevor WG195801. I NEVER requested a name change in November 2005 or at any other time. Remember - I wasn't even listed as the owner of the dog in November 2005! And I could not request AKC to change the name of any dog born in Canada. AKC only has jurisdiction over a dog born in the USA. In addition, any name change MUST be in writing according to AKC rules. I am now listed as the owner of Trevor WG195801.

“As far as the Insurance claim I mentioned below, the Kuvasz Club of America Inc. and the AKC would not be covered if a dog caused harm to someone at a show if it was proven by the plaintiff that the dog should not have been there in the first place because it was illegally entered and illegally registered by the American Kennel Club. I think this could be a big problem for a lot of Clubs including the Kuvasz Club of America, Inc. AKC should give this more thought.

"Exhibitors are spending thousands of dollars each year showing against illegally registered Kuvasz entered at AKC events including Multi Best in Show, BISS Champion Szumeria's Wildwood Silver Six Pence WS271850/01. Tanner is a Multi Best In Show winner in the USA and will probably be at Westminster 2010.

“Another, illegally registered Kuvasz Best in Show Ch. Szumeria's Wildwood Penny From Heaven placed in the group at Westminster in 2007. Many kennels in the USA (and now Europe) have alleged descendants of Trevor/Tank WG195801 including Casablanca, Double Ring, Elso, Galaxy,Glacier Creek, Mattiaci, Nordland, Pandemont, Rebel Ridge,Shamont, Sweet Harvest, Szep Tars, Szumeria,Tepes Ridge, Wildwood, Tres Sage, Windridge and Yanilan.

Just think of all the money people are spending and handlers are losing to show against these dogs when they shouldn't even be in the ring! This would never happen in any other sport and should not be allowed at AKC events".

Darla Lofranco

“In November I sent the following letter to the American Kennel Club”

by Yorkie Yakker on 16 September 2010 - 11:09

Darla Lofranco

“In November I sent the following letter to the American Kennel Club”

Cc: ; ; 'KCA Directors' ; Darla Lofranco
Sent: Saturday, November 14, 2009 11:38 AM

Subject: AKC WG195801

Ms. Heather McManus - AKC Senior Attorney

CKC certificate of registration UN653359 confirms Lofranco TNT Trevor Nordland was ineligible for registration on foreign application WG195801 in accordance with the rules at the time. AKC must have a CKC export certificate showing an address in the USA to support Foreign Import application WG195801.

AKC alleges the address (Halton Hills, Ont) on CKC certificate UN653359 is within the USA which is incorrect. The address is Halton Hill, Ont. CANADA and not Halton Hills, Ont. USA. The application should have been rejected at the time for several reasons.

AKC records dated November 9, 2005 confirms the littermate Lofranco's Tank-You Nordland was imported by Karen and Henry Nichols. Finally, after several requests, AKC cancelled Trevor's illegal registration in November 2005 and then re-instated the dog as per letter dated March 3, 2006.

The AKC letter dated March 3, 2006 alleging Trevor and Tank were the same dog is absurd. The same ridiculous letter was published by the Kuvasz Club of America, Inc. The identity and pedigree is also questioned based on two different littermates (Trevor/Tank) listed as the sire of Nordland's Rocky on AKC certified pedigrees.

Exhibitors are spending thousands of dollars each year showing against illegally registered dogs entered at AKC events including Szumeria's Wildwood Silver Six Pence WS271850/01 who is an alleged descendant of WG195801. This would never happen in any other sport and should not be allowed at AKC events.

AKC and the Kuvasz Club of America, Inc. could also be liable should an Insurance claim be filed at an AKC event especially when the breeder/owner has provided both Clubs with a copy of AKC records confirming the dog was ineligible for registration in accordance with the rules at the time.

The breeder/owner is requesting AKC uphold the decision to cancel Trevor's registration in November 2005.

Please give this serious matter your immediate attention and advise accordingly.

Respectfully Submitted,
Darla Lofranco
Breeder/Canadian Owner WG195801

cc: Mr. Dennis Sprung - AKC President
Mr. James Crowley - AKC Secretary
Kuvasz Club of America, Inc.

Editor’s Note; Complete coverage of this extraordinary story begins in "Pedigree Fraud” which also provides details on Mastiff, Samoyed, and Bulldog Stud Book corruption

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