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by bkatz on 06 February 2012 - 04:02

Hi, I am new to the forums and wanted to share a great story. I have owned Shepherds over the past 20 years and about a year ago I decided to go forward on getting a full blown out working dog. Jericko is 14 months. I used a trainer who helped me set a foundation with Jericko and then we parted as the foundation was set. I now needed to go to the next level, this was more me that needed to be trained than Jericko.

These forums come in handy and can be a resource for finding out information necessary to find key people and businesses for further training, beginning training or advanced protection work, they are greatttttt!

I was fortunate to be introduced to a new trainer and a person who is not only extremely knowledgeable but very passionate about his business and has help me set the foundation for Jericko. I then found David Ketter with Circle K9 and this started a new level for me and Jericko and has turned his and my world into a new found hobby.

Jericko is working towards his first show and has started tracking and is a natural at it, I wanted to let the folks who live anywhere near Houston know these guys are phenomenal and work hard to make sure they meet your needs and desires for your pup.

Thanks to Circle K9 I am a lot more confident with Jericko as he is a guy who wants to work 24 hours a day and I now have the knowledge and direction from David to help with his energy.

So anyone looking for a really great person and a great place to leave your Shepherd for a stay at there Kennels it's a first of it's kind that I
know of you leave your dog for a period of time and David works and trains your dog! he has helped several of my friends and all though I was hesitant of writing this cuase you I don;t want to spread the word being selfish he is a talent that others should know about.

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