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by Johntic on 20 October 2005 - 16:10

From my own experience, I know that there are NO fleas at 4,000 feet above sea level and higher. Does anyone know what the minimum altitude is where fleas can't live? Thanks

by Hadrian on 20 October 2005 - 18:10

Sorry, but thru my own (and very itchy) experience, fleas can live from sea level ( specially in sand) to 14,000 feet, being an exception that they do not reproduce well in hot and humid climates (jungle conditions i.e.), my five cents. JG

by Johntic on 20 October 2005 - 21:10

I am sure that fleas cannot live at 4,000 feet above sea level and higher. I have a GSD male who had hot spots and skin irritations all over his body...I was considering putting him down because he was so bad. (I do have a few fleas here, but I pretty much keep them under control). I recently read an article on dog & flea research. It said that the saliva from just one flea bite can set off these allergies. Anyway, I took this dog to my daughter who lives at about 4,000 feet above sea level and left him with her. Long story short, 3 months later his allergies are all cleared up and he looks great again...No more allergies and no more hot spots and no skin irritations....And she uses NO flea control...There are NO fleas at that altitude. I am trying to find out if anyone knows what the minimum altitude would be for fleas to NOT exist.

by VomFelsenHof on 20 October 2005 - 21:10

I don't think that the fact is that fleas cannot live 4000 feet above sea level. There are plenty of fleas in the mountains here, and these mountains are well above 4000 feet. Perhaps where your daughter lives, they do not have flea problems. I also do not have the need to control fleas where I am, but I choose to do so anyway, along with heartworm medication, *just in case*! Not being a bug expert, I do not know if there are altitude levels at which fleas do not exist, but I am sure if you ask terminix or some other bug control company, they can inform you if there are such altitude control for fleas. :)

by oso on 20 October 2005 - 21:10

I live in Ecuador in the Andes at well over 8000ft. and I can tell you without any doubt there are definitely fleas here! For years we had a battle with fleas, until frontline came along. Now one application a year is sufficent, we don't have problems any more.

by Johntic on 20 October 2005 - 21:10

VomFelsenHof & oso, Thanks for your imput and suggestion. I have been told by several people who live at altitude that fleas don't live above 4,000 feet...HMMMMMMM VomFelsenHof, The ingredient in the heartworm medication is "ivermectin"...Just worm your dogs with any of the cattle, swine or horse wormer that has "ivermectin". That worms your dog and also takes care of the 'heart worms'...It's a great wormer and it's cheap. I use it all the time. oso, I am very surprised that you have fleas at that altitude...Oh well, so much for the experts.

by DKiah on 20 October 2005 - 23:10

Sorry Hadrian, but hot and humid is exactly what fleas love and need in order to prosper.. come to the Southeastern USA - Georgia, Florida.... flea heaven! And for the person who had 1 flea, do not kid yourself, where there is 1 there are thousands and those girls are reproducing like mad.. they live in the environment and can conceal very well, that is why they are so hard to get rid of!! I used to be a vet tech, still have "the flea speech" in my head.. and I lived in New England then!!

by Hadrian on 21 October 2005 - 03:10

Dkiah, You are right, I didn't mean to say they do not reproduce at all; I live in Peru, I used to work in the Andes mountains well above 4000 feet, sometimes up to 11000, and I found fleas in all tha specimens there, now I live at the amazon basin (+/-500 ft.)and there are fleas, but in quantities a lot smaller, so they are easier to control here than there. Thanks ;) JG

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