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by The Axe Man on 23 April 2004 - 10:04

Brain, Sounds like life's working out for you.Just remember to keep the dogs in their pack place long term as it's all to easy to allow things to slip away.Some dogs are great with kids & some are not.Your the only person in a position to know this.Ongoing obedience is recommended to keep them under the thumb.Aways feed the dogs after the family has eaten,this is a must do all the time sequence of order.Higher pack members eat before subordinates.Rgds The Axe Man


by Brian on 23 April 2004 - 18:04

Thanks Axe Man, I have always fed my dogs after the family has eaten that is one thing my father always did and it just stuck with me. Along with my GSD's protection training twice a week I do group Obedience at least once a week and work on obedience at home at least twice a week. I have to tell you with a newborn at home it has been tough to make the time but I know how important it is so I always manage to find the time. Anyway Thanks agian gor your help. Brian

by DKiah on 24 April 2004 - 16:04

Congratulations Dad!! Glad all went well and everyone is doing fine together..... As to your comment, I can appreciate your wanting your family safe... think we all want that.... my husband travels all the time and I am here alone with the dogs. Although I do Schutzhund, none of the dogs are trained for personal protection, I am comfortable knowing all the noise they will make would make any fool think twice... however, I'll be responsible for our safety. And I don't have a gun either..... Again, just my personal opinion... most companies that provide homeowners insurance will drop you like you have the plaque when they know this or not even cover you in the first place and a dog bite claim is gonna get you dropped as well!


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