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SG12 BSZS Gucci vom Elbe-Saale-Winkel german_shepherd_dog3 hours ago by Bienhof Elfe Tarra du Shaman (Cabek) german_shepherd_dog9 hours ago by abdelazeeme Uran von der Wolfstratte german_shepherd_dog16 hours ago by carloshj 2 X SG1 Ares der Kühn Vom Pfadfinder german_shepherd_dog34 hours ago by charlie319 CH (US) Glenlo's Dallas of Delray german_shepherd_dog40 hours ago by GSD Lineage (admin) SUPREME CH. Vladimir Anarchy E.T H.I.C german_shepherd_dog47 hours ago by Kuiraugsd SG16 Patrick vom Grabfeldgau german_shepherd_dog47 hours ago by Kuiraugsd Sanna Passatino german_shepherd_dog2 days ago by amr5ali SG 24 SIEGERSCHAU D Drago vom Langenbungert german_shepherd_dog2 days ago by Jinjer ALEX 'William x Daggi' german_shepherd_dog2 days ago by sdillikar 1V Laitaturm Varna german_shepherd_dog2 days ago by Ozorn Vomhausnye Irbil mit Tydain german_shepherd_dog2 days ago by UKK9 Marlo von Baccara german_shepherd_dog3 days ago by peterpl Jess ISDS 3714 border_collie3 days ago by Linda1957 Uran von der Wolfstratte german_shepherd_dog4 days ago by Miro Faxon Vom Mittelwest german_shepherd_dog4 days ago by KoaBear VV Burc Von Atlas german_shepherd_dog4 days ago by navid NORTAN z Zielonego Ursynowa Poland (FCI) german_shepherd_dog5 days ago by Moritz Grit von Hauental german_shepherd_dog5 days ago by Hutchins CH Rumors Working Girl Vsop great_dane5 days ago by Lmtoussaint Elfe Tarra du Shaman (Cabek) german_shepherd_dog6 days ago by TerryMoore Klina german_shepherd_dog7 days ago by andythedogmanaz Karina, german_shepherd_dog7 days ago by andythedogmanaz ASBC JUNIOR CH, Bluebell Cookie Monster bulldog7 days ago by AB Underdogs

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