German Shepherd Dog Male for sale: Super IGP & PSA Prospective (id: 283977)

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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

Super IGP & PSA Prospective

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Dux is a young boy, with loads of workingdrive. He is very strong and athletic male with high balldrive; this combination makes him a great prospective for the IGP- and PSA sport. Official F.C.I. X'rays: HD-A, ED-Free. Spine-Free and DM N/N. Besides that, he is crate-trained and house-broken. Dux has some great bloodlines running through his veins: Vom Eisernen Kreuz (Knox), Vom Osterfeld and Von Nordsee Sturm. For more information, please send email to or WhatsApp & Viber via +31 6 43 23 0283.

Super IGP & PSA Prospective

Your NEW Sportdog?!?!: Dux V. Bellosca


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