German Shepherd Dog Male for sale: Top male Yenko vom Bierstadter Hof 24mth (id: 281934)

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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

Top male Yenko vom Bierstadter Hof 24mth

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Yenko vom Bierstadter Hof 24 mth old

GD: 22.4.2018

HD normal. ED normal, DNA gpr. (all SV results), 3xSG1 (SV judge)


F: Napoli v. Bad-Boll (VA Memphis)

M: Giullia Schreidon (VA Remo)


  • Top dog with great pedigree (no inzucht), nice strong colour (red/black) and super character. 
  • Yenko is very suitable male for shows, breeding or for family. 
  • He loves children and other dogs. 
  • He loves balls and bitework. Yenko has basic obedience, he is very attentive dog and interested in all things around, always in a good mood J
  • Yenko was 3times on shows – 3times Winner class SG1 (SV judge)
  • Super anatomy and movement, loves running


Only for serious people – more info – photos/video /bitework mail:

Phone 00420777240126 Lucie Kopecka (speaking english), Whats up, Facebook


video in his 19 mth

Top male Yenko vom Bierstadter Hof 24mth


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