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Belgian Malinois - Female for sale

Female Malinois

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Raven and her brother Max were brought over from Belgium and due to lack of time are looking for a new home. Raven is obedience trained and listens great for anyone who spends some time with her. She is a freak for the ball but also likes to cuddle on the couch with you. She is very sweet and loves children. She is not fixed. She loves to play ball and loves to play tug like a freak. She is great with all dogs and all people, we havnt had any issues what so ever with other people. She has not done any bitework and has done obedience on ecollar.  Email Joeyvtattooed@gmail or call 918-829-3813 with questions.  Asking $3,250 but have alot more than that in her.  She has a passport from beligum but I do not have a copy of her pedigree.

Female Malinois


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