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Puppies from champion sire, German import parents!

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 Two Female Puppies From Super Breeding!!

Xara is a 10 week old stock coat female with black and red pigment. She is a very sweet girl, outgoing personality and very smart. She loves people and will climb in your lap for attention. She absolutely loves playing with her toys that she carries in her mouth. She has medium prey drive. She would do well in the show ring, therapy, search & rescue, family guardian/protector and/or companion/pet. 

Xena is a 10 weeks old stock coat female with black and red pigment. She is a stocky girl with a big head. She loves people and will follow you around to be with you. Very sweet personality and is not quiet as outgoing as her sister Xara, instead she prefers to be next to her people. She loves to play and has low to medium drive. She would do well in the show ring, search & rescue, therapy, family guardian.protector and/or companion/pet. 

This is a repeat breeding between Oscar and Sunny. Puppies come with a hip guarantee, AKC papers, 1st set of shots, de-wormed and sales contract. Puppies are $2,500 Full AKC.

Sire: V41 (BSZS) Kranichzug Oscar, Schh3, KKL1, HD/ED a1 normal.

Dam: V Sunny girl Vom Elbe-Saale-Winkel, Schh1, KKL1, HD/ED a1 normal.

This is a super litter between two very top dogs.
Sunnygirl is line bred on 2 time world champion 2X VA1 (BSZS) Remo Vom Fichtenschlag. Sunny's mother is also the number 7 female in the world, SG7 (BSZS) Venja Vom Ochsentor.
Oscar a super mover, one of the best temperaments/personalities, deep black and red and great bitework. His sire is VA8 (BSZS) Yuri Vom Osterbergerland.


For more information and to contact visit our website at: https://www.givenhaus.com/sunny-x-oscar-x-litter.html


Sire: V41 (BSZS), Kranichzug Oscar, Schh3  

  • REGISTRATION: Finland, Germany, AKC
  • HIPS: A1 Normal (Excellent)
  • ELBOWS: A1 Normal (Excellent)
  • SHOW(showing 2 out of 20 different shows):
  • Germany World Sieger Show (BSZS) 2016 - Ranked number 41 in the world! (V41)
  •  Regional Club Show 2017 - Ranked 1st (V1) 

Dam: V Sunnygirl Vom Elbe-Saale-Winel, Schh1


  • HIPS: A1 Normal (Excellent)
  • ELBOWS: A1 Normal (Excellent)
  • SHOWS:
  • Regional Club show 2017- Ranked 3rd (V3)
  • Germany Club show 2016 - ​Ranked 2nd (SG2)
  • Germany Club Show 2015 - Ranked 2nd (SG2)


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Puppies from champion sire, German import parents!


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