German Shepherd Dog Stud Dog: WGSL/WL cross, IGP3 KKL (id: 280621)

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SG Liger Haus Stavo vom A-T IGP3 KKL is now standing stud to approved females. Wally is the best of both working line and show lines. Wally is a natural tracker and loves to fight the helper. He has a solid temperament and nice off switch when it isn't time to work. He has medium to high ball drive, solid food drive and fight drive. Off the field Wally is easy to handle, is good with kids and is unphased by fireworks, screaming kids and busy hotel lobbies/elevators. Standing at stud in Michigan. Fresh and frozen available as well. IPO1- High Tracking, High IPO1, High in Trial IGP2- High Tracking, High IGP2 OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal A Stamp- Hips and elbows normal DM clear



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