German Shepherd Dog Female for sale: REDUCED Big and beautiful German SL Freya (id: 278409)

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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

REDUCED Big and beautiful German SL Freya

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This one would be great for show/working home. She is pretty, stable, inquisitive, and she will be within show size (still a bit bigger).
I also like her prey engagement with her toys, and she doesn’t take $h!t from any other puppy.  This girl will do good with any activity that requires drive and aim to please.  


Freya goes on outings to town with my children 3 times a week.  

She comes with AKC registration (or application), European passport, international health check, and up to date on all vaccinations.

pictures and information can be found on my website.

They have an album on my facebook page.


We have a trip to Texas planned on November 20th and shipping will be greatly reduced if she is on the flight with us.

REDUCED Big and beautiful German SL Freya

She has pictures in her gallery. : FREYA VON ZAUBERWIESEN

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