German Shepherd Dog Puppies for sale: VA1 (BSZS) Gary vom Hühnegrab puppies AKC register (id: 277419)

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VA1 (BSZS) Gary vom Hühnegrab puppies AKC register

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UPDATE: 4 females and 1 male available!  Born August 30, 2019  Low hip values and high size values. They will be BIG.

Lines as per SV dox: Omen Radhaus(2-3) Dux Intercanina(3-4) Zamp Thermodos(4-5,5) *Dux Cuatro Flores(5-)- Daggi Cuatro Flores(-5)* HD breed value calculation: 79 Breed value size: 106

Puppies can ship from Germany at ten weeks old. They will leave with a Microchip, health check (varified healthy), and will be up-to-date on all vaccinations for their age bracket. All puppies will be socialized in home and in public via dog club visits and train/public trasportation outings with my children. All puppies leave with shaping for sitz, schand (stand), plautz (lay), and fuss (heel). Videos of this will be available when we start this training. I will take care of all AKC paperwork excluding AKC DNA. Each puppy will come with completed AKC registration. All puppies are guaranteed to be healthy at time of delivery and for 72 hours to insure time to have them health examined on owner's end. This does NOT include shipping.  Further, there is a 2 year limited liability guarantee on our puppy hips (see website for details), this likewise does not include shipping. I will (and have been since 1998) available for training advice throughout the puppies life.

My impression of the parents

Sire: VA1 in Germany, very substancial male. He has a strong presence and approaches with grace and ease. He is confindent. He has a large and powerful head. Lived in the home with small children at the time of mating.

Dam: Large female. High food drive. Easy tracker. Great with children. Learns easily. Has a large presence and approaches with confindence. She loves to play with balls. She travels extremely well.





Lots of things can be found on my facebook page about the Dam



Tracking (fifth track ever): 


2200.00  (discounts on shipping may be available to certain airports).


cell: +49 160 516 2019


website (under construction to update new hosting please check it for updates): 


VA1 (BSZS) Gary vom Hühnegrab puppies AKC register


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