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*Neo has been reserved with a deposit*
Neo comes from a long lineage of highly successful PSA competitors (Danny PSA 3 & Laina PSA 2, 1st Leg) and possesses some of the very best qualities the breed has to offer. His genetic gifts have been nurtured with care and he is a wonderfully social and lovable young dog. He is confident in any environment, well traveled, trustworthy with cats, livestock, and poultry, good with children, and is fun to have as part of my household. Neo is neutral to other dogs but can be a pest during outside playtime with some dogs.

Neo has advanced level obedience training and is reliable off leash. He has very high food and toy drive and is happy to follow through with known behaviors or learn new things for both. Neo plays fetch and loves swimming. He is always ready to go go go but settles easily and can be a couch potato when asked. He is great on leash and lots of fun to take everywhere. He has been to festivals, baseball games, in and out of hotels, PSA events, pet friendly stores, etc. He can be easily handled by a novice but would do best with a handler that has some experience training and handling dogs or is serious about learning. Neo would make a perfect demo dog, AKC sporting events competitor, versatile protection dog and companion, or protection sports competitor. Ideal person for Neo is someone who has had more exposure to dogs than simply residing in a home with a family pet and appreciates a dog with tons of motivation and potential.

Neo really shines in protection work. He lights up on command and comes in fast and hits hard with a deep, calm, pushing grip to the decoy. He could make someone a really nice sport dog if they wanted to get into PSA or IGP. Neo has been worked out by most of the decoys located in North Carolina.

Neo’s price includes delivery and handling course. Neo can also be trained to fit your specific needs for an additional fee. Neo has potential as an ESA or Psychiatric Service Dog for the right able bodied person. If you are interested in having him join your family and would like more information please feel free to contact me.

Located in North Carolina $15,000 FIRM

Personal Protection Dog & Companion Krista's Neo

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