German Shepherd Dog Female for sale: Mated July 01 to VA Gary v. Hühnegrab Reduced ship (id: 276229)

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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

Mated July 01 to VA Gary v. Hühnegrab Reduced ship

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The litter would be linebreeding off Omen (2-3), Dux Intercanina (3-4), Zamp (4-5,5), Dux Cauatro (5-), and Daggi Cuatro(-5).  HD breed value is 79 and Breed size value is 106!  This would be a great opportunity to have the lines in the USA!  If she has a full and healthy litter, the cost of her would be offset 100%.  This is a great opportunity to get a well started IGP showline German Import and puppies! 

Now that her pink papers are back from the SV, I will register Hari through the AKC so that her litter will have AKC registration.  Photos are available in the Album I have linked below.  


On July 01, 2019 Harika v. Eichenplatz was mated to Gary v Hühnegrab after it was vet confirmed that she was in full heat. 

NEW SHIPPING INFORMATION;  My daughter's have a trip planned to HOUSTON TEXAS on July 16, 20019.  They can take Harika to HOUSTON for only the cost of the crate, vet check, and price to add a bag in cargo.  This is normally less than 350 (euro).


HARI  (click her name to go to current UTD pictures)

Hari is now for sale. Unfortunately she has a rating of Fast Normal hips (normal elbows) and that does not disqualify her from the SV breeding standard, but it disqualifies her from being in my program. She is available at a reasonable price considering the training that she has. She is registered through the SV and has her pink papers.

Hari spent a year with a teaching helper/judge/trainer before I brought her back to Germany.  My 12 year old daughter has been training with her for 6 months without issue.  She was going to be my daughter's first IGP dog with the understanding that she had to be Normal on both hips and elbows.  Unfortunately, we got the results back today and she did rate at Fast Normal on her hips.  
Hari is a healthy female that would enhance most USA domestic GSD programs (that is why she was in mine).  She does well in the house and sleeps with my 12 year old most nights.  She goes to club 2 times weekly with my daughter.  She has been to three countries without problems and she travels extremely well.  She does not like other females and we don't let her and my other female hang out.  She is good with male dogs.  She has not been bred until now as she doesn't have her IPO yet (waiting on the hip results).  She is ready for a BH (with a few months to get to know her handler).  
She ships out of Frankfort or Amsterdam (Direct nonstop flights only).  
Pictures and video can be found below.  
Feel free to email me with any further questions about her. 






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Mated July 01 to VA Gary v. Hühnegrab Reduced ship

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