German Shepherd Dog Puppies for sale: Gilmo Vikar, IPO3-PSA1, puppies in Canada (id: 274785)

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Gilmo Vikar, IPO3-PSA1, puppies in Canada

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Updated: May 03, 2019 02:40 PM (inserted 3 weeks ago) -> 951

2 males available to proven working homes ONLY for PSA, IGP or Law enforcement.

They have been vet examed, are in perfect health with dropped testicles.
Zero environmental issues, great prey drive, extremely strong bite on White collar puppy. Super food drive on both.
2000 $ USD


Gilmo Vikar, IPO3, AD, PSA1 ('a' fast normal hips, normal elbows) (WUSV qualifier - PSA National Champion)

SG-Witch von Wendelin, AD, PDC-SD, FPr1, SPr1 ('a' normal H/E, DM clear)

All my puppies are receiving the benefits of the Puppy Culture Program protocol.
Litterbox trained and clicker trained (eye focuss). Raw fed. Oustanding socialization.

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Gilmo Vikar, IPO3-PSA1,  puppies in Canada

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