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Updated: Nov 14, 2018 08:03 PM (inserted 3 weeks ago) -> 671

An image🌟 BSZS 2014 PAKI TOPOLOVNICKI [3xSG1] 🌟 (V1, IPO2, BH, SV: HD/ED normal, HD-ZW 76, DNA, KKL*2017/18) >

F: V1 Pakros vom Pendler SCHH3, HD/ED normal (V1 Tyson v. Köttersbusch - VA Chakira v. Pendler) > M: V Kristina-Tina Topolovnicka IPO1, HD/ED normal (V1 Oxford v. Redhaus - V Bina v. Bonihaus) 👉 Paki is showed many times of diferent breeding shows and always is among the firsts: 🔝 Of BSZS 2014 Paki is among the best with SG-36 and he is in the top 30% of participating 120 dogs in JKL-Rude (Judge: Hans-Peter Fetten) 🔝 SG-2 Club Vice-Sieger 2014 (JKL) - Clubmatch Friesland "de Walden" 2014 in Burgum, Nederland 27.04.2014 (Judge: Hans-Peter Fetten) 🔝 SG-3 (JKL) of SV-LGZS (LG05) in Voerde/Ndrh (Germany) - 15.06.2014 (Judge: Hans-Peter Fetten) 🔝 SG-1 Class-Sieger (JHKL) of XII Breed show for GSD in Osjek, Croatia am 27.09.2014 (Judge: Heinz Scheerer) 🔝 SG-1 Class-Sieger (JHKL) of III Bosnian Breed show for GSD in Prujedir, Bosnia am19.10.2014 (Judge: D. Sule) 🔝 Repeated V-1 from different FCI dog shows (2015-2016) 🔝 V-2 ViceSieger (from 8 V-reted in GHKL-males) : GSD Speciality show in Slovenia am 18 June 2018 (judge Thomas Teubert, Germany). 🔝 V-2 ViceSieger (GHKL) : Annual Speciality Club Show in Asenovgrad, Bulgaria - 16.09.2017 (judge Nancy Herms, Germany) 🔝 V-2 + the best passed TSB test : Bulgarian Sieger Show - 2017 (judge Gerd Reims, Germany). 👉 Paki have big and fantastic progeny in Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, USA and others. His offspring are characterized with excellent typ and anatomy, super pigmentation, expressive heads with gorgeous dark masks.

An image

Please only serius buyers !!! All info


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