German Shepherd Dog Female for sale: PTSD, level 2 defensive dog and excellent tracker (id: 269139)

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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

PTSD, level 2 defensive dog and excellent tracker

Sent by WanderLust

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Kia is a fully trained PTSD dog with excellent handler awareness and does great DPT. She will also find her own way home and or to your car. She is also trained to due a threat display as well as to bite in a defensive situation. Kia is also a very skilled tracking dog with extremely high hunt drive. I've taken her out on two rescue tracks in the past month one in the wilderness in Montana and another in an urban environment in Northwest Spokane, WA. She tracked down both missing dogs in short order never missing a beat. Kia has flown domestically with me and performed excellent with all the airport security flying landing moving escalators etc. She has been trained beside my personal PTSD dog and her father. Kia is people and animal safe but she does have a dominant personality which requires a strong handler. Kia is a very loving dog who will work her heart out for her owner. Pictures and videos of Kia can be seen on my Facebook page Wahrer Freund German Shepherds For more information you can call me at 231-392-1340 Kia is up for sale for $25000 which includes delivery extensive training and alll necessary equipment.

PTSD, level 2 defensive dog and excellent tracker

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