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German Sieger Show 2017 DVD for sale

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2017 German Sieger Show DVD, in Ulm, crystal clear video in High definition (BluRay) and standard definition for sale. 1. Featuring a 40 chapter menu for direct access to each stud dog and each class. 2. Widescreen presentation, narration in English throughout. 3. Slow motion gaiting of the best movers. 4. The first 30 in each young class walking and gaiting. 5. All the progeny groups and all the stud dogs are included. 6. All the first group males and females walking and gaiting. 7. Eighty eight new photos of 28 stud dogs, 40 young dogs, 10 VA females, 10 VA males, are included. 8. The fast gaiting of both working class males and females is included. 9. Running time is 2 hours . 10. Buy through PayPal and have 6 months to pay. Shipping if free via the U.S. Postal system. The standard version for purchase within the U.S. is $75. USD The standard version for purchase outside the U.S. is $80. USD The Blu Ray version for purchase worldwide is $100. USD

German Sieger Show 2017 DVD for sale

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