Belgian Malinois Stud Dog: **Argos vom Haus Dyer for Stud to SELECTED Female (id: 268188)

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Belgian Malinois - Stud Dog

**Argos vom Haus Dyer for Stud to SELECTED Female

Sent by Ashleigh Derrickson

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**Argos vom Haus Dyer for Stud to SELECTED Females Only** AKC DN44576703 Brn#: 32800 Pedigree:…/…/Argos-vom-Haus-Dyer Argos is a 90lbs of muscle, determination, and brains. Argos successfully completed his BH at the 2018 Southeast Regionals under judge Frank Phillips. He will be trialing for his IPO1 in the fall, and his IPO2 and IPO3 will be soon to follow. Subsequent to that will be apprehension and narcotics certification. Then, he will begin training in APA. Argos also practices in the sports of Agility and Weight Pull and will be titled in those in the near future. You have never met a more well rounded dog. Super clear minded. NOT nervy. Very trainable. Pushes you to work. Wants to please. He is very loving, yet he also has a serious side when it is time to work. Extreme toy drive, moderate to low food drive, would kill himself for a bite and wrestle with a helper. While he is a total beast in protection, he is still very in tune to his handler. Argos’s sound mind allows for him to be completely trusted around children, cats, other dogs, chickens, goats, horses, and other small animals. Argos is always levelheaded in all situations. Puppies out of him can have potential to do anything from IPO, PSA, APA, Ringsports, SAR, Military working dog, Police apprehension and narcotics, herding, Agility, Dock Diving, etc. Please Pm me or send me a message at (803) 640-3064 for more info, photos, or videos. IPO work: Temperament: Hunt Drive:

 **Argos vom Haus Dyer for Stud to SELECTED Female

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