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Exceptional strong nerve working line litter

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Exceptional litter from extremely strong working bloodlines with the exceptional nerve base to control their high balanced drives. This litter should be capable of reaching any level you are capable of training for. Reka the dam is capable of high aggression, is content to play with the kids, and has the  qualities of her sire Urf. Large, fast, powerful female, a real pleasure to live and work with, and one who knows the difference between work and play. Uwe, the sire is an exceptional young stud dog in the Staatsmacht kennel which is known as a premier kennel for producing superior working class dogs. This litter combines solid working lines all through the pedigree. Litter located in Missouri. Call 417 254 0901 with questions or  to reserve. Total price $1800. includes utd vaccinations, worming, micro chipped, full AKC registration, and twenty seven month written health guarantee for any severe genetic fault. Four reserved, 2 females and 6 males available from litter of twelve. Whelping date May, 10, 2018

Exceptional strong nerve working line litter

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