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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

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Brutus is a young, energetic male with lots of character. He is comfortable in all social settings that he is placed in, along with superb behavior in high traffic retail areas. He is just as comfortable in the water as he is on land, which makes an excellent companion for those who enjoy outdoor activities. His favorite places are dog parks such as Crissy Field or Lafayette Park in San Francisco as well as any training session where he is able to engage and train in a fun, competitive manner with his handler. His short routine is very correct, clean and without conflict. He retrieves all objects and holds calmly. A dog that settles very nicely in the home he is the dream companion. If there is another exercise or environment you would like to see, simply let me know through an email and I will do my best. Unfortunately, YouTube only allows 15-minute clips. X-rays will be attached in one business day and DM test was administered on 3/30/2018. Video of Brutus

Exceptional Male Available

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