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Gsd female as single purpose (Police) dog for sale

Sent by xido

Slovakia   SK ←→ Posted from Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)

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I am selling this 14 months old single purpose (Police) searching female of GSD without pedigree, very high drive for a ball (toy), excellent environment behavior, social, trained in a crate for travel in the car, calm in her kennel, clean, basic obedience (very good recall, basic sit and down, a little bit of heel work), she is also very good in normal life. She does also protection work but no like real police defense if you know what I mean, she does protection work like for the sport (but is possible to train that protection work in the future) Most suitable for next training for searching drugs or explosives. Any more details feel free to contact me please at: xido211@gmail.com



Gsd female as single purpose (Police) dog for sale

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