German Shepherd Dog Male for sale: 10 wk old pup (id: 264232)

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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

10 wk old pup

Sent by tkriley

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I have a 10 week old pick pup available....pup was held to do Narcotics work and the person backed out of buying pup.....He needs to go to a working home.....
Sire: Czech Male
Basco od Janice
DOB: 10-19-2012
0/0 Hips Clear Elbows
Proud to announce Basco od Janice here at Von Eintze Shepherds... Basco has a rare pedigree full of old czech lines. He brings high intelligence, stable nerves, and strong civil temperament. He processes the drives needed for Police or sport but has the calmness to be a family dog as well. This is a asset that is missing in some working lines today. He is DM clear, 0/0 hips which is excellent czech rating and clear elbows. His pedigree is rare today and hard to find. We look forward to him producing and adding strong genetics to his offspring. This dog was selected for his stable nerves, good protection and hard to find old Czech lines. He is a dog with amazing hip production, and everything you could ask for in a GSD. I recommend him highly for puppies and breeding.
Videos of Basco:
Dam: Bea Helilein ZZO, BH, ZVV1
****Slovakian Import*****
Hips: (0/0) ED (0/0)
Whelped: 2-18-2015
Bea was imported from Slovakia
She is a very large Bi-Color with a Big Head, big bone and body structure with a fantastic personality. She is from old Czech lines. She is very biddable and a perfect social dog with no flaws what sover. She is a very real dog and has an excellent ON/Off switch which is great to live in the house.....Fantastic ball/prey/hunting drive. She is VERY clear in the head and I can put her in any situation and feel great about it. As far as working skills, she's got very great drives and excels in tracking and has a nice quick bite.
For more info please call me at 580-674-3327

10 wk old pup

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