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IPO 3 Female Malinois Competition Dog $7K

Sent by Normsk99

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31 month old IPO 3 female malinois for competition. AKC registered but NO BREEDING RIGHTS. Strictly to an IPO competition home only please. This is an awesome, strong female. Very good foundation. Very strong big female, weighs around 65 lbs. Looks and works like a male. She is on limited registration so cannot be bred. Still intact. She has passed IPO 3 twice already. Got a 95 in protection on her first try. Has competed at the regional level but unfortunately failed tracking. Passed ob and protection. She is not even 3 years old yet. Got her IPO 3 at 25 months old. She just needs polishing here and there to score better. She will just get better as she matures. I work 6 days so don't really have the time to polish her up to be at top level. Very strong tracker, just needs more work on articles. Fast, powerful obedience. Very strong in protection. Secondary obedience in protection is great. Very clear headed dog. No handler aggression. Very sweet with excellent nerves. Good with big and small dogs. Currently lives with 2 chihuahuas. She is strong and hard, does not shut down to pressure. Very easy to live with. At her age right now, you can compete with her for another 5 years. SHE DOES NOT DO WELL IN A KENNEL ENVIRONMENT. Prefers to be part of the family. She does not have separation anxiety but does not do well just kenneled with other dogs. Would be perfect for someone who wants to do some work polishing and be able to compete right away. Someone who spends a lot of time at home or who goes around and brings their dogs with them. This dog is strong enough to compete in the national level given the right training and environment. I bought 2 mal pups from Europe that I will be starting out so I need to make room. My backyard ain't big enough for 3 large dogs. Go to my Youtube channel NORMSK9BITEHARD and watch the videos of JESSIE. You will see videos of her from pup till I started trialing her and more. There are tons of videos on there. Hard to find a dog of this caliber up for sale but I am excited about my 2 new pups as well. $7000 is what I am thinking would be a fair price for her. You can call or text me at 714-723-1979, or email at normsk9bitehard@hotmail.com. My name is Norman

IPO 3 Female Malinois Competition Dog $7K

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