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German Shepherd Dog - Female for sale

Several titled WL dogs and puppies for sale!

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Dogs for sale. Check out my page for more info and more dogs. If interested please TEXT, EMAIL OR FB MESSAGE ME. (559)936-1633, 

SG Orka Re-Star, SVV1, IPO3, KKL is an imported 4 year old female with an interesting pedigree and a strong work ethic. This is a female that embodies athleticism with her speed, maneuverability and petite, square-made frame that is reminiscent of the early working GSD. This female packs a punch behind her bites and can switch from prey to aggression with ease. She shows a strong willingness to work for the handler and you can tell by her upbeat obedience she is eager to please. Orka's temperament is what a GSD should be in that she is good with kids and dogs (though dominant), intelligent and social until the need arises and she shows a impressive civil side. She is a high energy dog who loves to work. A rated hips and elbows, DM clear and a proven mother. Orka has been bred to V Hasco Monur, IPO2 and pregnancy will be check for pregnancy prior to shipping.



Long bite:









A rare opportunity! I am downsizing my breeding program a little and building my import business so V Jara von der Sigisliebe, IPO3, FH2 (x3), KKL is for sale. This is a highly accomplished female boasting some great German lineage. Jara is a social female with very happy, upbeat obedience, serious protection and she is a tracking machine! She's obtained some impressive scores of 92/80/90 IPO1, 96 FH2, 85 FH2, 95 FH2, 100/86/96 IPO2, and 98/80/90 IPO3! This is a larger size female with a heavy-made frame and excellent conformation, weighing 76+lbs. She has A-normal hips and elbows and is a great mother who is easy to whelp and takes great care of her pups until weaning. 


Some quick videos not tuned up:


Ebony Opavia hof is a 4 year old SVV1 titled SG rated Black and Tan female with a super temperament, beautiful conformation, structure, ability and some very interesting breeding. Her dam, farina has produced some incredible dogs both in ability and as producers themselves like Torr Opavia hof. Ebony is my kind of female; she is pretty aloof, ignoring strangers though not aggressive towards them. She doesn't bond with a new handler super quickly but once she does she is very strongly attached. Has excellent protection work, great nerve and a civil side. The first time we worked her in America was at night, with a new handler, helper in a bite suit with added environmental pressure/stimuli and she conquered the situation without a missed beat. Ebony is beautiful - masculine head, lovely topline, square and durably made structure. She is a great sized female of about 68lbs, allowing her to remain athletic and nimble, but carrying enough size to really pack a punch. She is dominant but not aggressive with other dogs. I think this would be a super addition to any program producing working dogs for outlets like law enforcement or sports as well. Hips and elbows are normal and she is DM and long coat clear. 4 years old and is a proven mother.


Chana valov dvor is a 2.5 year old sable female with a great pedigree - by Asko Kedul hof. She has A rated hips and elbows, titled BH, nearly ready for IPO1, she is a larger sized female, very social good with other social dogs and good with children. Contact me for more details.


Chiara Zitavska dolina, BH (pronounced key-are-uh) is beautiful dark sable female who just turned two years old. She has a nice pedigree, A rated hips and elbows, show titled and titled to BH, nearly ready for IPO1, very social...children, dogs etc



Bella Akira Ro-kop Bohemia is a beautiful coming 2 year old ZVV1 titled and SG rated female available for sale. She is from some great Czech lines, is DM clear nd has officially rated hips and elbows. Bella means business in protection but is a softer, super sweet female with a character of a personality to the handler. She has super food/toy drive and a strong willingness to work and please. I really like this girl's conformation and size; big enough to pack a punch but not so big as to be clunky and un-athletic. Sports a beautiful topline, tight feet, stout-made body with heavy bone and correct structure. She has a masculine head and expressive face with dark, intelligent eyes and medium dark sable color. 



I litter: 3 males and 1 female available, dark sable and black pups ready to go to their new homes from the breeding of national competition V Ace vom Haus Tyson, IPO3 x SG Luna von Donau-Ries, IPO2. These are super prospects for sport, protection, LE, high level obedience or very active companions. I am loving their grip, prey, and confidence as well as their appearance. These should be thick, solid-made, athletic dogs of medium size with wide heads, dark pigment and keen expression. I have loved my previous litters of both parents and this should be an excellent combination promoting solid nerves, high but balanced drives, aggression when needed but social, stable temperaments and a good off-switch. Both parents are DM clear and have 0/0 hips and elbows. Find more information on them in their individual albums These pups come with full guarantee on health and suitability as well as AKC registration.


J litter: 4m/2 f Black and Tan and dark sable pups available from the pairing of Jorry z Kraje husitu x Heta Zomboch, SVV2. These puppies are ones I expect to be very high drive with OCD ball and food drive, solid nerves and social temperaments. Both parents have super work ethics, high pack drive, prey and aggression but are social and easy to be around. Find more information on them in their individual albums. These should be solid prospects for any working or very active companion homes. I also expect these to be on the larger side with dark pigment, heavy bone and good sized heads. Both parents have 0/0 hips and elbows and these pups will be unaffected by DM. They come with full guarantee on health and suitability as well as AKC registration.

Several titled WL dogs and puppies for sale!

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