German Shepherd Dog Male for sale: CZECH/DDR 20 months old male (id: 254162)

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German Shepherd Dog - Male for sale

CZECH/DDR 20 months old male

Sent by Karolina Kocova

Czech Republic   CZ ←→ Posted from Czech Republic

Updated: Dec 30, 2016 06:03 PM (inserted 3 months ago) -> 2632
German shepherd male for sale! 20 months old, ONLY FAMILY DOG! Can be used as family protection dog. Has passed ZVV 1, CZ körung - Kkl 1, 5X1/P, HD normal, ED normal, DNA SV. Frankenstein is extremly nice male, loves people, children, other dogs. Is ideal family dog. Contact with people, loves work. Has high temperament and very good drive. In our opinion isn't suitable for service, because isn't hard enough. Video from training - Sire : Basko ze Svobodného dvora - IPO 3, SchH 3, ZVV 1, FH 1, HD normal, ED normal Dam : Christie z Hromadného - IPO 3, ZVV 1, HD normal, ED normal. For more information send me personal message or e-mail on - shipping is possible worldwide. Price is 4500 euro (+ shipping)

CZECH/DDR 20 months old male

EXCELLENT FAMILY PROTECTION DOG: SG Frankenstein European K9 training base ZVV 1

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