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young adult female- VERY MASCULINE

Sent by Tropisch29

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Tala vom Tropisch- AVAILABLE FOR SALE! Shes a sweet girl but does have extremely high prey drive and loves to use her nose. Shes a large girl and will be on the larger side as an adult possibly 85- 95 lbs.
Born February 7, 2016 - She has received all 3 rounds of her puppy shots! She has begun basic obedience training. Tala has very good working and prey drive and often uses her nose. She has been introduced to the puppy bite pillow and did AMAZING, she showed wonderful drive and a great interest in pursuing the pillow.


 Dam: Brita comes from direct German lines, her mother was imported from Germany pregnant. Brita's Heart and Patellas(knees) are OFA CERTIFIED, She is DM clear and OFA certified Good hips & normal elbows! Brita OFA link- Britas pedigree: Brita's SIRE: VA1 & 2x VA2 NINO VON TRONJE SCHH3, KKL 1 TITLES: VA 2 in 2012 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP VA 5 IN 2011 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP VA11 IN 2010 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SG 2 IN JHKL IN 2009 SCHH3, KKL1 HIPS: HD-SV: HD a-fast normal (a2) Brita's DAM: V FLEUR VON DER BERGHOFER-HEIDE DOB:...... 10-02-2007 TITLES: V4 ON 05-04-2010 SEE BELOW SCHH1,KKL 1 HIPS: ED NORMAL HD NORMAL

 Sire; Zimo is SG1 rated (highest rating awarded with no working titles) Sire Zimo has OFA certified Good hips, elbows, heart, knees, and he is DM clear Video of Zimo working

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young adult female- VERY MASCULINE

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