Simple pedigree chart for Ducklore Triumph (2588652)

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Simple pedigree chart for Ducklore Triumph

Ducklore Triumph
(AKCA592654 8/42)
Just Mugs
Airline Westway Chief
Airline Modish Major
Can Ch Major Bud Parker
Can Ch Bud Parker
(FDSB122552 & CKC 69387)
Can Ch Belle 2nd
(CKC61845 & FDSB 218047)
Can Ch Airline Golden Eye
Canadian Drake
Keddy's Peggy
La Nonne Peggy
Airline Sir Bud
Can Ch Bud Parker
(FDSB122552 & CKC 69387)
Can Ch Airline Golden Eye
La Nonne Queen
La Nonne Laddie
Bittern Lake Lass
Rolew Ranee
USA Ch Chesacroft Newt
(AKC934526 v51 7/34 & FDSB 252475)
USA Ch Able Seaman
(AKC757326 & FDSB 252467)
USA Ch Cheequa Topsy
Zaidee B
(AKC840998 & FDSB 252473)
USA Ch Busy B
(AKC710717 & FDSB 133970)
We Maggie Sioux
Princess Anne (1933)
USA DC Sodak's Gypsy Prince
(AKC831195 & FDSB 252477)
Bandy Lindy
Makota's Gypsy Queen
USA Ch Cheequa Topsy
Prince of Montauk
Mary Montauk
Ducklore of Cocoa King
USA Ch The Second Cocoa
(AKCA252619 8/38 & FDSB 243390)
Duke of Evanston
Prince of Minnedosa
Hancock's Dale
Lady Bud Parker
McAdams Ramona
Joan's Peggy
(CKC40889 & FDSB 128676)
Lady King
Cocoa King
Chuck's Pal
Beverly's Real Queen
Havana Brownie
Tony T
Williams' Flash
(No reg. num.)
Chesacroft Tangle
(AKCA328955 & FDSB 289426)
Star Lea Skipper
(AKCA118744 & FDSB 255807)
Howes Pal
Can Ch Bud Parker
(FDSB122552 & CKC 69387)
Howes Queen Bess
Mills Gish Girl
Joan's Peggy
(CKC40889 & FDSB 128676)
USA 1937NBISS Dixieanna
Buster (1931)
Mac's Del
My Tip
(AKC780268 & FDSB 163066)

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