Simple pedigree chart for Ducklore Triumph (2588652)

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BiColor German Shepherd Puppy
Male for sale

VA Ballack daughter IPO1
Female for sale

Black showline female for sale
Puppies for sale

Simple pedigree chart for Ducklore Triumph

Ducklore Triumph
(AKCA592654 8/42)
Just Mugs
Airline Westway Chief
Airline Modish Major
Can Ch Major Bud Parker
Can Ch Bud Parker
(FDSB122552 & CKC 69387)
Can Ch Belle 2nd
(CKC61845 & FDSB 218047)
Can Ch Airline Golden Eye
Canadian Drake
Keddy's Peggy
La Nonne Peggy
Airline Sir Bud
Can Ch Bud Parker
(FDSB122552 & CKC 69387)
Can Ch Airline Golden Eye
La Nonne Queen
La Nonne Laddie
Bittern Lake Lass
Rolew Ranee
USA Ch Chesacroft Newt
(AKC934526 v51 7/34 & FDSB 252475)
USA Ch Able Seaman
(AKC757326 & FDSB 252467)
USA Ch Cheequa Topsy
Zaidee B
(AKC840998 & FDSB 252473)
USA Ch Busy B
(AKC710717 & FDSB 133970)
We Maggie Sioux
Princess Anne (1933)
USA DC Sodak's Gypsy Prince
(AKC831195 & FDSB 252477)
Bandy Lindy
Makota's Gypsy Queen
USA Ch Cheequa Topsy
Prince of Montauk
Mary Montauk
Ducklore of Cocoa King
USA Ch The Second Cocoa
(AKCA252619 8/38 & FDSB 243390)
Duke of Evanston
Prince of Minnedosa
Hancock's Dale
Lady Bud Parker
McAdams Ramona
Joan's Peggy
(CKC40889 & FDSB 128676)
Lady King
Cocoa King
Chuck's Pal
Beverly's Real Queen
Havana Brownie
Tony T
Williams' Flash
(No reg. num.)
Chesacroft Tangle
(AKCA328955 & FDSB 289426)
Star Lea Skipper
(AKCA118744 & FDSB 255807)
Howes Pal
Can Ch Bud Parker
(FDSB122552 & CKC 69387)
Howes Queen Bess
Mills Gish Girl
Joan's Peggy
(CKC40889 & FDSB 128676)
USA 1937NBISS Dixieanna
Buster (1931)
Mac's Del
My Tip
(AKC780268 & FDSB 163066)

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