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by jillmissal on 03 June 2019 - 15:06

"the current vetrinary medicine schools who currently teach it."

This is ABSOLUTELY a false statement. Here are currently validated and accepted vaccination protocols. They require more nuanced reading and I've seen many people try to use them to back up Dodds' claims. They are wrong to do so; the evidence is right there in the text.


by Cutaway on 03 June 2019 - 19:06

Choose to believe what you will, i gave you the named publications and you can choose to ignore them... "...This is ABSOLUTELY a false statement..." <-- Midwestern (Chicago & Arizona) currently teaches her Vaccine protocol but again you can choose what you want... Maybe i am just too in the dark to understand how peer reviews work


by TIG on 03 June 2019 - 21:06

Coming back to the original question re lepto something no one has mentioned is there are a number of strains and the vaccine only protects against a few so it is impt to look at the environmental aspects of your life to see if they raise or lower the risk.

For herding enthusiasts  it is always impt to let your vet know your hobby. Herding exposes our dogs to a # of diseases such as cattle lepto (wh is not covered by the vaccine and yes my vet has seen a case) and possible rodent lepto (grain=rodents) and other things such as liver flukes (pasture water holes) etc.

Also just a fyi, Central CA (warm supportive climate) had a huge lepto outbreak not long ago and the source was traced to a much used dog park.  Yet again another reason to never ever go to dog parks (the totally ignorant non-attentive dog owners -oh wait -dog "parent" topping the list )

by jillmissal on 04 June 2019 - 14:06

@cutaway, yes, you do not understand how scientific literature works. Publishing a paper doesn't indicate any sort of peer review process or acceptance of the conclusions or methods presented in the paper. It's quite rare actually for scientists to publicly rebut other papers, but I've seen it done (most recently regarding the paper that came out concluding that spaying and neutering causes aggression - the rebuttal was brutal and brilliant. I'm sure people are sick of rebutting Dodds' nonsense).

No, they do not teach her protocol in schools. I'm sure you will believe what you want if you've already decided you like her schtick, but she is a charlatan who is pulling the wool over many people's eyes. I'm also sure that breeders love her because her protocol conveniently saves them money. As for me, if I hear any mention of Dodds in an organization or vet clinic, I turn around and walk out because that place is not for me.

Please review the document I sent if you want to see actual recommended vaccine protocols.

Re: lepto, if you live in a place with lepto, you'd be pretty nuts to not vaccinate for it. It's not a perfect vaccine and your dog might still get sick, but it will have a hell of a lot better chance of survival if it has been vaccinated.


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