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by Videx on 04 February 2009 - 11:02

The Kennel Club should face a LEGAL CHALLENGE for "changing the breed standard" for some breeds, and implementing the changes for CRUFTS. All dogs entered in CRUFTS from these breeds have qualified under a DIFFERENT BREED STANDARD. They should ALL now be allowed to WITHDRAW their ENTRY, with a FULL refund of their entry fees. They should, individually, or preferably collectively, Legally Challenge the Kennel Club. This "COLLECTIVE Legal Action should be led by the GSD Partnership, along with other National Breed Clubs representing the other affected breeds. This should now be organised without delay. Our GSD Leaders need to show their metal, and bite the bullet, and show the Kennel Club that the GSD Breed here in the UK has had enough, and they will now take legal action against them to obtain justice for our breed.


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