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Entwerfer Haus

by Entwerfer Haus on 11 November 2019 - 17:11

From an inbox on FB

>>the one that helps me every day is mildly retarded... she would not know what she's looking at. <<

>>yes, and one that went to CA has undescended testicles.. I'm going to have to replace him if they don't come on down<<

>>I have 2 pups still here. along with their half brother who also has undescended testicles... same sire<<

Just so you understand I am not making anything up or lying. I can back up my statement.  I keep all pertinant documents, trust me.

No matter what you think, this is what she typed. It was at this point I phased out of communication.  I'm just glad I kept up the chat to find all this out, BEFORE I lost more money on one of these 'breeders'.  Thank you!

by Rik on 11 November 2019 - 18:11

somebody taking money for something they do not or cannot deliver is a thief. every thief has an excuse and everybody knows what they say about excuses.

that is true in every country on this planet and there is no excuse.

do not know if that is what happened here, only hearing one side so far.

by stormins on 11 November 2019 - 21:11


As stated earlier ...In your repeated self proclaimed omniscience you failed yet again to warn anyone before the said transaction.

Instead we have a pompous statement of "Do as I say .... not as I do" ....because you don't :-)

Indeed, you have the uncanny ability to stalk those that do with tales of what you would do.... but yet you don't so we will never know what you would do if you actually did ....with your own money of course.

I will use an analogy from the futures trading world....

Paper Trading


Real Trading with YOUR real money

Who  would you want to emulate? A successful trader on the floor of the Merc trading his own money? or a paper trader?

You my dear have experiences that are akin to a paper trader

by stormins on 11 November 2019 - 21:11


Yes I would like to listen!

As a matter of fact I have,  and your statements  have elicited just a few more questions if you would be so kind.


1) Do you co-own a dog with Judy?


2) Do you currenty have or have you ever purchased a dog from Judy?


3) Since Judy has never seen these dogs many generations down the line please explain how she is able to determine which ones should or should not be in the pedigree?

 Pedigrees are very important in the dog world as I’m sure you know genetics show up even many generations down the line, so linebreeding on certain dogs can be good while others can be bad, hence why judy lets people know about what dogs are in the background


  4)  Do you have any pictures you can post of her Kennels?  


            I have been to Judy”s place 


   5)   I am confused ... Lacey bred an 8 or 9 year old bitch with floppy ears and that is the type breeding that attracts Judy to  a breeder for co-owning?


6)  Exactly how many service dogs has Lacey trained and what task were they trained to perform?


Lacey no longer works as a tow truck driver and works solely with the dogs, training, titling, and service dog work which has proven itself in many forms,

She has a client that has a well bred German Shepherd that is a service dog and he is amazing to watch and excels with the training he has had by his handler and Lacey. If you know Lacey you know her personal service dog is very good at her job as well.


7)  What training certifications does Lacey have? Guide dogs of America? CCI? CCPDT? APDT? TDI?


8)  How long has Lacey been training dogs?


9)  If Judy produces working dogs then why doesnt she title and work  them as such instead of treating them as show dogs?

 Judy produces working dogs, which are higher drive than most 


10) Don't you find it a little odd that only Lacey and Judy are not recommending Shepherds to be Service dogs? "Too Nervy"  I believe was the term..... Especially since Shepherds feed off of the emotions of their handlers. 


These are all very important questions since Judy and Lacey have set themselves up as the experts who are above question and there are many dsabled who can have their lives altered and yes even ruined if  they follow their advice and it proves to be incorrect.


11) What would these titlres be?  IPO? Schutzhund?


Judy does have dogs being titled in other working venues besides conformation





by Ashes0529 on 11 November 2019 - 22:11 Shall we look at your kennel, such a hypocrite. No titles, no OFA’s, breeding a soft eared bitch, 98% white “ddr”, at least 3 litters a year with only 8 females, people in glass houses should never throw stones. I think we are done here.

by kelcole64 on 11 November 2019 - 22:11

Couldn't find her kennel registered with this site nor any post advertising her dogs.

So wondering why post complaints here if she never used this site. Just wondering

by stormins on 12 November 2019 - 01:11


Nice diversion :-)

You wanted to set the record straight and now you don't ??

You can't boot people for asking questions on PDB so you just ignore them by not responding??.

You do realize that you would have been better off staying silent in the first place because by not responding now,  it just confirms peoples suspicions about Judy and Lacey :-)

As far as glass houses I have not set myself up as the resident DDR expert like Judy has, and although I have written more service and therapy dog laws than all of the members in her FB group combined,  I am still a student of the law.

Unlike Ms Lacey, I would never tell her

""You must not work with, train, or heavily work with Service dogs, the disabiled community or fully understand how to train a Service Animal"

Like she told to me ....

I will however ask her to cite the law that backs up her outlandish claims

It seems Lacey did about as much research into my Service and Therapy dog work as you have into my breeding program  Teeth Smile


So that you know I am serious about your "research":

I will give anyone $500 off their next DDR purchase from our kennels if they can find the 98% White DDR that we have listed under  breeding dogs on our website.


What is this thread about?

1) Taking money and not delivering a dog.

2) Misleading our disabled.

3) CLAIMING your dogs are all working dogs and titled when they are not.


Back to the glass house .....

If you can find a client of ours who has paid us in full for a Shepherd that we have not delivered or where we have informed our disabled customers of a law that is not on the books, or even where we have claimed that we title all of our dogs,  than I will not only let you cast the first stone at our glass house,  but I will donate $200 to the German Shepherd Rescue in Montgomery in your name.

by stormins on 12 November 2019 - 02:11



Couldn't find her kennel registered with this site nor any post advertising her dogs.

So wondering why post complaints here if she never used this site. Just wondering


Here you go



by Hundmutter on 12 November 2019 - 03:11

"...You failed yet again to warn anyone before the said transaction."

I am wondering here what 'Stormins' expects I, or someone like me with concerns for the breed and its new owners, should do ? Perhaps post lists at monthly intervals of all the breeders I have heard of who might present a threat as scam artists, or who I have (somehow, without needing to look for them) discovered are failing to work their dogs but telling puppy buyers they have working stock ? Would he like to pay me to do that as a full-time job ? Would the Admins even allow me to post such a list, where the information would be based on collating circulated knowledge, rather than my being able to cite an actual instance of my being already conned by each ? And if we were to achieve that, would the likes of Stormins take advantage of the information, anyway, ... or would he know better and go ahead with one of those breeders, 'cos there is no need to do your homework, he is one of those with a charmed life who will never get caught out ?

Until he does.



Oh...and he has been.  He found all this stuff out AFTER he had been conned - all I have suggested is that he was already well-placed to have found it out PRIOR to trying to purchase. Then  he could have 'walked on by'. But no, he would rather rail at me for daring to point that out.


by Hundmutter on 12 November 2019 - 03:11

PS Just how many 'warnings' should it take anyway ? I can't count the number of times Malone's name has come up red flagged on PDB over the years I have been coming here. Presumably he (eventually) did a Search of this site ?


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