Simple pedigree chart for Rigpa's After The Storm (1281609)

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Black and red female puppies from German import pa
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CONFIRMED PREGNANCY !!!!! VA Daugther , !!!!!
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V4 BSZS 2017 Ulm Ando vom Haus Theobald Stud Serve
Stud Dog

Simple pedigree chart for 8 AKC POINTS Rigpa's After The Storm

8 AKC POINTS Rigpa's After The Storm
CH (US) Turo's Overture SOM
CH (US/CAN) Garnsey's Mad Max SOM
CH (AKC) Cachet's Mad Max of TuRo SOM (SIRE OF MERIT US)
(AKCWG242074 07-91)
(AKCWF486146 06-85)
Ch. TuRo's Touche DOM
CH (AKC) TuRo's Cachet DOM
(AKCWF227806 03-88)
TuRo's Katrina of Cross Bar DOM
Turo's Fury Of Cachet
(AKCWP461570/02 10-94)
Ch. Cachet's High River Gambler
Ch. Touchstone's Shaia DOM
TuRo's Charisma of Garnsey
TuRo's Momentum
CH Turo´s Kaleidoscope
CH. Tudosal's Whizzard of Laurel Hill SOM
Turo¿s Escappade SOM
Ch. TuRo's Touche DOM
Tudosal's Onyx Of Laurel Hill
Laurel Hill's Alpenrose
CH Kiebla'S Traditon Of Turo DOM
Turo¿s Escappade SOM
Ch. TuRo's Touche DOM
CH Kiebla's Mercy
Kiebla's Kayleen
CAN CH Dajen's Storms A Coming
AM CAN CH Ruffian's Alleged SOM,
CEO Ruffian's Alter Ego,CEO
CH (AKC) Arriba Talisman Ego
(AKCWP633162/10 02-97)
Ch. Talisman's Arriba Sonata
AM CAN CH Ruffian's Ms Ceo
Ch. Talisman's Arriba Sonata
AM CH Ruffian's Wild Rose
AM CH Ruffian's Cause For Applause
Tai. Ch. Int. Ch. Summit View's Mya of Ruffian DOM
Bellcrest Tarnished Angel
CAN CH Bellcrest maybe baby
(AK/CKWP 483220/01 - VU 730065)
CH (CAN) Dajens Victorian Secret
(AKCWR002176/01 01-03 Canada)
CH (AKC/CAN) Arriba 'N' Karjean's Locomotion
(AKCWP508094/01 06-95)
CH Arriba's Footloose SOM
CH. Arriba's Lady Revue DOM DOM
Arriba 'N' Karjean's Back To Basics
No information about the Sire
No information about the Dam
CH (CAN) Rodlins Victorian Rose CD CGC DOMC TT
(CKCFL360271 (WP875719/01))
CH (CAN) Kimlade Admiral's Landing At Rupik CD CGC
Kimlade Flash Forward
CH (CAN) Rodlin's Black Rose Abbie LOM, CD, CGC
CH (CAN) Rupik Play Back (Imp UK)

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