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Belgian Malinois - Male for sale

Working/Sporting Male for Sale

Sent by Ashleigh Derrickson

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This is Ragnar vom Skyfall. He will be 2 years old in January. We are rehoming him to a home that would better fit his needs. While he is okay with biting on suits and sleeves and entry level protection sports, he doesnt find as much joy in that as he does dock diving and just running as fast as he can. This boy would excell with someone who is better able to focus in his agility needs. He has cleared a french ring palisade easily. He is also a dog with a good off switch. He loves to hang around the handler and watch what they are doing. If you were to do protection sports or personal protection here is some info. Grips: Deep, pulling grips. Will often sleep on the grip he has. Not really moving forward or pulling back. Targeting: he has usually been worked on the upper arm bites for APA. Occasionally we also work forearm. Environmentals: While good with a lot of things, there will be little random things that make Ragnar uncomfortable and will require work. He is pretty middle ground, not overly afraid but also not super confident. He has also been introduced to scent work, and has shown to be methodical.

Working/Sporting Male for Sale


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