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Belgian Malinois - Female for sale

Moxie vom Skyfall-Working/Sporting Home Only

Sent by Ashleigh Derrickson

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Introducing Moxie vom Skyfall, a ten week old female out of Argos vom Haus Dyer x Mia von Armour. Moxie is 11 weeks old and already fearless and sassy as can be. I am currently going through Tarheel K9’s six month course, so she lives an extremely active lifestyle with a ton of exposure to different environments, sounds, people, etc. She has yet to show any sign of nervousness and always takes all situations head on being her sassy self. She gets along great with other dogs and shows good respect; although, she isn’t afraid to throw down with any size dog. She was the most dominant female in the litter, but like I said, she is still respectful with the older dogs. She will attack anything that moves with nothing held back. She loves a ball, rag, arm, ankle, etc. On the rag, she has a wonderful calm, full, hard grip. She shows good possession, but is also willing to sit by your side maintaining the grip. She also is very eager in obedience with great food drive and willingness to learn. She is also showing good hunt drive. Due to her spunk and drive at this age, I will only sell to a more experienced Malinois/working dog handler looking to be competitive in sports. Moxie has potential in sports such as IPG, PSA, Ring Sports, and APA, as well as non-protection sports like dock diving, agility, fly ball, etc. Her sire, Argos vom Haus Dyer, is active in IGP, dock diving, weight pull, and is in training for bedbug detection. The dam, Mia von Armour, is in training for IPO and personal protection. Both parents have health testing, and I have working videos available of both. Moxie is the first pick out of her litter.

Moxie vom Skyfall-Working/Sporting Home Only


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