Belgian Malinois Male for sale: Malinois young male for Sale (id: 275301)

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Belgian Malinois - Male for sale

Malinois young male for Sale

Sent by Timea

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For sale, a very nice Belgian Malinois young male (1 year old). He is a very easy drive dog, who likes children, other dogs. All x-rays are normal. I recommend him for service (searching, detection) or hobby. He is a well trained dog in obedience, protection work and he has a searching work with passive indication as well. The commands are in german language. Father: Armageddon Rebell Represent (grandfather Berry Sabathore), Mother: Dixi z Polytanu (grandf: Fox v.d. Schoenen Ecke). The dog is in Hungary and if you interested in or you have any question do not hesitate to contact us (in English and German language too). Contact to my phone: +36/706366125 email or facebook page: ; fb: suszterné farkas timea You can watch videos for Orry:

Malinois young male for Sale

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