Belgian Malinois Male for sale: High Drive Malinois - 9 Months Old (id: 271564)

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Belgian Malinois - Male for sale

High Drive Malinois - 9 Months Old

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Leo is an 9 month old belgian malinois I have that I need to find a new home for. I am an obedience trainer and he is very high drive for food, ball and tug but he is too defensive for me. He goes very hard and has great energy and is very protective already (which my wife loves) but i need a more social dog. He does not stop for the ball or tug he is a fanatic. He does 50 yard sit and down stays, heels on leash great, comes when called and can do 30 minute place stays on a dog bed without issue. He is great with other dogs. He is great with our family and great w my 6 month old but the reason I have to sell him is because I cannot trust him out and about, he is very protective and un trusting of new people. I am afraid that in 6 months if we are in public and someone startles him or come up behind him he would bite and since we are out and about constantly I cannot have that. He will be a great protection dog for someone, that lady I got him from had his mom as a protection dog and she was pretty scary! The dad was very level headed and did Mondio. Three of my other trainers have his siblings and they are all great dogs and more social but not as high of drive as him. He does everything that we do in our $3,000 boot camps here in Oklahoma but also alot more. I'm asking $2,000 which is very fair he has had alot of training and will train someone on his obedience if they are interested. He works on an e-collar very low (dogtra 280c). In the video I show his drive for ball, tug, and food, also i show where he is with some quick obedience, on video I show his heel off leash is decent but not perfect, his on leash heel is great with the e-collar. I just want to be very transparent what he is and isnt. Any questions call or text 918 808-6167. I will deliver to neighboring states for extra fee or pick up in Oklahoma. No shipping out of the US.

High Drive Malinois - 9 Months Old

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